Calling all New Zealand Greens

Greens seek campaign manager with magical skills

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1 September 2004
New Zealand Herald
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Wanted: a Green Party campaign manager who can ride a unicycle, juggle with fire and conduct an orchestra - all at the same time.

And it would help if that someone had an interest in politics, fund- raising and lobbying.

Co-leader Rod Donald said he had been toying with advertising for a campaigner who could also walk the tight-rope, but decided juggling on a unicycle would be difficult enough.

The party is seeking its 2005 campaign manager, although Mr Donald said it was too early to pin down issues or vote targets the party will pursue next year.

``We haven’t set a specific target other than we want to do better than last time,’’ he said yesterday.

The Greens secured just under 7 per cent of the party vote in 2002, and had eight MPs elected.

In current polls, it is sitting at around 4 to 5 per cent - the latter the absolute minimum to get MPs elected without winning a seat.

Mr Donald said the Greens would tell voters a vote for it was a vote for a Labour-led Government, but he was also aware of the challenge posed by the fledgling Maori Party.

In 2002, 8 per cent of the Green vote came from Maori-seat voters and the party wanted to retain that vote. -Helen Tunnah

Heh, I reckon I could do that job but the pay isn’t that great…