Calling all good graphic artists and logo-makers!

…I need your help.

I work with a guy who is starting an audio production company. He is interested in a well made logo for the company’s business cards, etc.

He is starting the company with a childhood friend who used to be his neighbor. When they were young, they would hop the dividing fence between their houses so much, it became bent.

Hence the name of the company: “BentFence” productions.
I may be using the company at some point for some post-audio services for a uni movie I am hoping to make, so I thought I would help him out with finding a really well done logo.

I know a lot of you are really talented in this field, so if you have an extra bit of time, let’s see what you can do.

‘BentFence’ is one word with caps like so <---- and ‘productions’ would preferably be small and secondary to the main title: BentFence. He was also thinking that if the imagery of a bent fence itself could somehow be incorperated, it would be ideal.
Thanks in advance to anyone who offers up their graphic designing talents.


wow this is totally the wrong forum for this.

im not to good but if i get something i will tell you

This is a card I recently did for a friend. I would be happy to do one for your friend, for $15 an hour (will prolly take 2 hours or so) or Possible trade for music.

Tell him he can give me an email at sam(at)uneedfilms(dot)com, if he is interested.

Picture 2.png

Picture 4.png

Thanks very much. I’ll let him know.

I have one in mind. Not sure when I can start on it though.


Thanks for taking this to Just Conversation and starting another thread. Those interested may respond here in the new thread Levi started.