Calling all extreme riders on the East Coast...

Being that NYC has closed my local skatepark for the Winter and since Rays is too far a ride for me to travel to very frequently… I started searching for other extreme facilities that would be fun to ride at that are within a reasonable driving distance from NYC. I already found several skateparks in NY, NJ, and Philly that have some really cool ramps and bowls (and rails and other stuff)… and several allow bikes so there is a decent chance they’ll allow uni’s. I started thinking that it would be really great to get some fellow uni riders (Coker riders or riders of any size wheel uni’s) together and form a sort of informal group of extreme riders that would be interested in riding at these kinds of locations. It would be cool for two main reasons:

  1. Having fellow uni riders to ride with… and talk to after riding about the place, our riding, the tricks we did, and all that stuff.
  2. We can all share our favorite local spots with the other members so we get to benefit from each other’s knowledge and we get a nice assortment of places to ride… and we get to show other riders our favorite hometown spots.

I personally would love to check out some extreme MUni/outdoor locations, especially after the winter when the weather gets nicer. For now I’d like to find a few really cool indoor locations… but I’m not averse to dressing warm and riding outdoors on trails, in snow, or wherever there’s some challenging riding locations to be found. If there are any other riders on the East Coast (especially the tri-state area) that would like to meet at various locations for extreme riding, I’d love to hear from you! If there are a lot of riders in areas other than the East Coast that are also interested, then perhaps a West Coast chapter can be formed, too. Hey, if you like the idea maybe someone can come up with a name for this group…

if you ever want to come to toronto, i’d be down for some riding.
That invitation is open to anyone too.


youve got plattekill in NY and mt. Diablo in NJ in the summer. Those are more northshore type lift fead trails, if you like that. I don’t know if they will allow unis.