Calling all Distance Unicyclists in the SouthEast United States!

Tour de Cure May 21st 2006

Well everyone it seems like things are starting to come together. We have picked for our team jerseys. We have Jay Marsh on the job creating a Jay Marsh original design. Jay and I sat down going over design ideas for the past hour and I am pretty excited about the whole thing. If you haven’t seen Jay’s work before, he is an amazing artist. To see his artwork go to and To get some idea of where he might be heading check out his logo submission at

Second I am looking for some sponsors. Currently is our primary sponsor. I would like to see some smaller sponsors to help defray the jersey cost. If you go to the site and look at the locations for sponsorship available on the jersey, I think you can see several locations that we could put somebody’s website, company name etc… We will be the Highest visibility team at the Tour de Cure and the MS 150 this year. This is a great opportunity for cheap advertising. Not to mention all of the other times we will be wearing these jerseys for riding after the Tour de Cure and MS 150.

Lastly, I really need for everyone who is interested in riding on Team to go to the tour de cure website and sign up under our team yesterday. We need to know how many jerseys to order and sizes. We have to have the design done and jerseys ordered by March 1st. Hot Shoppe will be sending us sample jerseys for sizing soon, so we will have some sort of get together to allow everyone to pick the correct size. The design of the jersey will be a short sleeve moto jersey with a v neck. They will be loose fitting, and made of their air kool material. I have a Coca Cola jersey made by them if anyone wants to see what the material is like.

So please take ten minutes and sign up at the Tour de Cure site. Here is a link to the team page… There are many options from short fun runs to longer more challenging rides. I would really like to see as many riders as possible. If you are anywhere near Atlanta and want to participate, we would love to have you join us for this amazing ride.

I’ve been thinking, and if anyone wants to start a uni team in their respective cities, I think we can make this a National Team, so If you have never considered it, think about it. There are currently rides in 45 States.

Go here to see if one works for you and your club.

There are 3 options so just about anyone who can ride could take part. I am thinking about letting bicycles join the team for friends and family members of unicyclists that want to ride, but can’t ride a unicycle. Any thoughts? It’s really all about promoting a good cause.

i would do it but the only event in jax is 200k and i could barley do 20 miles and the 200 k is roughly 62 miles there and 62 miles back i think …im not sure but its alot



i would do the ride in pa if thats what your talking about. I think a national distance team would be realy sweet. Jerseys would be sweet to

Sign up, start a team in your area. I don’t see any problem getting the jersey to you. If you do get a team going let me know, I am going to work on a press release, so we can get you, your team, and the Tour de Cure some coverage. If you register early in your area it is only $15.