calling all canadian unicyclist

:stuck_out_tongue: hehe so it would seem maybe i should read the post above before i post heheehe

I’m also still riding once in a while. How’s UVIC by the way Jeff. I’m there every other weekend. We should hook up.


in winnipeg i know of about 4 unicyclists including myself

I know 4 unicyclist at Hull including me… 5 minutes from Ottawa.

Brand new Ottawa unicyclist here. I honestly never see anyone, but apparently there’s a huge base here. I guess I’ll meet you guys out there eventually.

If you are on Facebook there is an Ottawa unicyclist group, where we post news and such, also hopefully closer to summer we should be getting a somewhat real website, and I will be doing a mailing list. Right now during the winter alot of people are doing their own thing though and msn is usualy the best way to get ahold of people that I know of (especialy since random people have been adding me that ride in the area).

Here is the link to the facebook group

And my msn is in my profile if you want it. (actualy I just changed it so it will be updated in like two minutes after this post)

Hey, Algonquin College? I go there. I need to get in the loop more :stuck_out_tongue:

Disregard my last post, I apparently have no idea how facebook works.

Being in Toronto, where I’m sure there are many unicyclists, I have to say I am jealous of all you guys who have 1 or more friends to unicycle with. I have unicycled almost every day all around downtown for a year and I never see anyone else riding. It’s pathetic really. I think the only other time I’ve even gotten to witness another person unicycling is when I sold my DX a while back. I should really try to make it to the Toronto Club meetings- usually a good distance from my house. Sorry, I can’t give you any numbers on this.

Dude, I’ve been to Toronto once, and even I rode with the club there :stuck_out_tongue: No excuses for ya! :wink:

Well, I personaly don’t think calling all canadians unicyclists is a good idea. Some people don’t know of the sport and would be like what the hell, some find it offensive to think of them as clowns, but sometimes you may stroke luck if a person you call a unicyclist actually rides one, and thus, friendships get born

i wish i was canadian