calling all canadian unicyclist

Hey Canadian Unicyclists

When I was at UNICON in Switzerland in the summer I was asked to look into getting information on unicyclists (individuals and clubs) in Canada with a goal of eventually creating a Canadian Unicycle Association (at the moment we are part of the USA (Unicycle Society of America). Other people are doing the same thing for other countries which do not currently have their own associations.

I was wondering how many unicycle clubs there are in Canada and where they’re located and how many members are in them. I’d also be interested in hearing about individuals or more informal club or groups of people who just get together and go our for rides. I’d eventually like to start the Canadian Unicycle Federation. You may ask what are the benefits of having such an organization: first it will keep Canadian unicyclists informed about the riders and riding that is happening in their own country. Such a group would also be able to help with insurance for hosting events and competitons. This would also give Canada a voice in the International Unicycling Federation (IUF). If people are interested in helping me with such an organization please email me at thecuf @ or send me a PM. Even if you are not interested I’d love to know about clubs around the country – even just a rough idea of numbers of riders in each province and territory would be cool.


I skimmed through that, but I know of 2 Unicyclists besides myself in Hamilton, and another friend I am teaching to ride.

I’m totally in:D I know 3 other unicyclists but they just ride for shits and giggle really. I’m sure they’d support you but unicycling to them is just a form of transportation.

Hey Jeff. We met at Mini OUI in Ottawa. I would totally be interested in helping out any way possible. I have a few people here that ride in Kingston, but not many. i will pm you my info.

I think that a PUBLIC poll would be much more efficient. I know about 10 riders here in Calgary, AB. I would be totally in!

I like the Federation of Unicyclists in Canada.

I am Nova Scotian living in Alberta and I know a few riders who support you. We don’t have a club or anything though. I’ll write more later.


Federated Unicyclists of Canadian Kooks.
Just be careful of the acronym. :wink:

Thanks John, that rocks. Probably hard to get anyone to print us T-Shirts though. If our first event of the all time is named the Unifest we could advertise by saying, come down and join us at Canada’s first FUCK Uni-fest. Or we could have a clinic called FUCK University. Or just FUCK U for short.

SORRY GILBY, I will refrain from using that acronym again.

Here in Ottawa we have alot of riders, but I don’t think we actualy have a defined club. Off of the top of my head I can probably name about 20-30 people in Ottawa that ride.

If you would like to know anymore I can give you more info, and I would be happy to help you out, but I’m gonna go ride for a bit before the youngens get out of school.

Hey Jeff, as I’m sure you know, it’s pretty similar here in Vancouver. We have a mailing list ( and keep in touch that way. We ride most weekends and determine the style of ride based on who’s coming out.

I can’t foresee us becoming too formal, but if we can help you out in some way just let us know.

Yeah, Ottawa has a good base. I’m one of them. I totally like this idea and I’m sending you an email about it.

Yeah, thats what I was getting at I was just too tired to be more creative.


Ahh that’s awsome. I’m so joining FUCK U

F**K U is so much more imaginative than UUU (Union of UK Unicyclists) - I’m in, even though I’m on the wrong continent … for now … :wink:


I like the name Unicycle Canada personally. But FUCK would be good too

Hey Jeffy,
Don’t forget us Islanders out at VUC. Bit shifty on the numbers. But last I heard we were hovering around Twenty. The most I’ve ever seen in on place was six.


I know there are quite a few unicyclists around… I’ve ridden with up to 11 others at the Edmonton Unicycle Club, and there are 3 others in my town, and I always seem to hear about the odd one or two in every town, but they are hard to locate, I know some of the ones I met don’t even have computers, so they are impossisble to connect with on the net. The Edmonton Unicycle Club has kind of fallen apart, so I don’t even know if most of them could be located.

Spreading the word is the difficult part, but there should be enough Canadian riders on this forum to get us started.

Victoria Bc has a pretty good club of aroudn 15 members i think(maybe less)

That would be VUC (See above)