Call out

Anyone fancy calling me out? lol. Anyone, how ever good or bad at riding you are. I want to make another vid but I dont know, seem to be lacking motivation, I keep getting caried away in riding and never film anything.

Sound good? Go for it…

I want to call out someone too! Street/flat/trials… if anyone is up for that let me know!

Whats your trials like? want to call me out :o

I’m not very good at trials… I can still stand a bit, hop 95cm… Not much more than that… I’m in for a trials video :smiley:

You could always just call out for best vid, display of skills and most entertaining and well edited… and have a poll for them :smiley:

That way you both do what style your best at.


Because trials is all about still stands :roll_eyes:

95cm sidehop is pretty respectable, yet you ride flat, what a waste lol.

I think I know someone that can call you out.

If he actually mans up and tries harder lines lol.

I’d call you out but my uni’s broken.

I’m game.

Your mad street skillz would destroy mine, but whatever =).

I hope you arent thinking of me…I would do harder lines but Nelson sucks for lines ive searched everywhere


Oui, et je le propose a Pedro tentot… :smiley:

How good are you in trial?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Me :thinking:

Id say hes pretty much at the same level as you and you should call him out lol

So we have:


…that are “in”, how about we all make a vid?

My vid will be almost purely trials. I only realy ride trials now, Im getting kind of good.

Emile: I’m calling out you :p!

Not sure when I’ll be able to psot the video… I will say in 30 days max!

Would you enter!?

We talk on MSN!

can i join to?:slight_smile:

Do you have any videos so we can see how good you are ? You have to be good enough to match the other persons video