Call out video for COLBY THOMAS! :)


Watch in HD :slight_smile:

Hope you make a response vid Colby Thomas! :sunglasses:

You should send this as a sponsor request

R.I.P My Rim :smiley:

The rim never got ruined. -_- Watch it, Bud.

It got After the vid dumbass! :smiley:

No. FUck you. Dont lie.

Thats the spirit :slight_smile:

Oh my freaking goodness! This is so hilarious XD I can’t believe Christoffer let you do this XD

And expect a response. :smiley:

oh my god that was stupid! awesome! but why do that to your uni?

hahaha that was great!

The uni was defekt at the start. The rim hited in the fram when cycling so we wanted to destroy it completely. But it was impossible. :P.

Thanks for all the coments!
Waiting for the response now, Colby. Haha

The first part of the video should be titled “How To True Your Rim… Norwegian Style” haha that was a pretty funny video all around though.

Colby you’re going to have to get super wicked gnarly to top that :wink:


Det var bra trick :smiley: Var det inte svårt utan däck? :open_mouth:

WTF is wrong with you? This is the most stupid thing i’ve ever seen, probably a joke of all the call-outs colby has done. Just rebuild the wheel and ride properly instead.


It wasent, but now u made fun of him.

Too late.

PS! Why are you so fucking angry? You should try it. It was fun. (Alot funnier than you)


poor rim.

i woulda still used that for a loooong time! lol

was funny tho!, lol

Derek does this prove to you how strong drilled rims are :stuck_out_tongue:

That was awesome. Good work with no tire. I wish I had an extra rim to do that to lol. But yeah, you should ride right next time, fooling around and destroying your own things is uncalled for and we dont like that on this forum.