Call out response

Uhh. It’s been a months but here’s my call out response to Mike Padial. Padst3r

Comments are appreciated!

Pretty clean/massive sidehop. I wish I could tuck like that…

:sunglasses: you finally finished it.Highlights for me were the fakie 360 off table,91cm static hop and the really long rolling wrap thing lol :stuck_out_tongue:

That was nice. Loved the rev off the drop. Haha old skool. Will have to re-watch Mike’s and compare

How can it be a rolling wrap if he was prehoping before the wrap :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked this vid. Liked it a lot. Your vids too short. Mikes is too long. Liked the music in both but I liked your editing more.

But I think skill wise Mikes was a much better video.

cool editing, awesome vid:D

i most likeed the trial lines:D they were very entertaining.

I agree haha

i like the way you hop. you barely jump. its alllllll tuck. lol!
good job

HOWARD is the coolest name for a unicycle.

I like the way you 180, very coo…

and as for unis, is it the new one at the start or toward the end? cause im down with the round crown.

Yea haha…well I’m working on it

I had a nimbus 2 and just got a round crown, both are in the video

I love this video! Awesome job, some sick hops in there.