California's Chain of Uni groups


I just finished responding to an email forwarded to me from Jim Sprague of the San Diego Unicycle club. I live in part of the Los Angeles area. I have organized a few Uni events here.

Jim referred someone in Riverside looking for a uni club to me. Jim didn’t have Adam Brody’s email or phone number in Orange County, but I did. So I gave out Adam’s info. Adam organizes the Orange County Unicycle Club.

It got me thinking. I realized, like the chain of California Missions, we are slowly building a chain of unicycle groups up and down California.

San Diego has the San Diego Unicycle club.
Orange County has the Orange County Unicycle Club.
Los Angeles still needs someone to take over and put time and energy to getting something going, but I am sure it will happen. I can’t give the time it needs.

Santa Barbara has the Santa Barbara Unicycle club.

There is a San Francisco Bay area group that is split between a group in the Santa Cruz area and another in the Bay farther north.

If you run a group or are part of a California group, please post your groups organizer info - Main city, phone number or email address in this thread. Mung the email address if necessary. Munging an email address looks like this: teachndad (att) gmail (dottt) com.

So maybe, if anyone does a search on California unicycle groups, this thread will pop up with all the info.


We’re at

Tom’s the ringleader for Berkeley area, and I’m the ring leader for the Santa Cruz / San Jose area.

Me: Corbin Dunn
cd at blue tree soft dot com (oh, when are spammers going to start parsing that?)

We informally do rides via the"Santa Cruz Muni Mailing list":


I’m the contact person for the Sacramento area, though we have little going on. John Hooten often runs a seasonal, informal training and basic riding group in the spring and summer months. I put on occasional group rides on trails in the area. Email in signature below.

Although there’s only me, my sons, and my riding buddy Gary, we’re a quasi-group in Chico. And always looking for more.

Name: Peter Kittle
email: peterdkittle (att) gmail (ddott) com

Oh, and if you’re wondering, “Where’s Chico?” it’s about 90 miles north of Sacramento. There’s incredible riding right here in town at upper Bidwell Park, and terrific trails just north and south of us (30 minutes south: Lake Oroville trails, Feather Falls, Bald Rock; an hour north: Whiskeytown Lake and Shasta Lake trails).