california unicycling events

Can anyone tell me how to find out about unicycling events in California.

That depends upon what you define as an “event”.

There will be a Calif. MUni Weekend in the fall. Most likely, it will take place in Oct. 2003.

There are bike events that unicyclists will take part in. For instance, 24 HOURS OF ADRENALINE in May at Laguna Seca, CA. and the Mt. Diablo Challenge in October are two that come to mind.

What kind of event are you looking for? :thinking:


Are you guys already “go” for the 24 hours of Adreneline? I didn’t realize it was going to be this soon. Time flys. Are you riding with the same team as last year and are there any new goals.

Does anyone know if there is going to be another team?

Ride on!