California Soul: Fat Tire Unicycling

Spent my three-week summer break in California and recorded my favorite fat tire unicycling adventures with my GoPro Hero 3.



Hey Bwrightback is there any way you can make the video available to mobile users? It won’t let me watch it :frowning:
Either that or embed the video directly here…

Cheers, James

I tried but because I used a copyrighted song, it won’t let me. :frowning: stupid rules. I paid for the song on iTunes and I gave credit in the YouTube description.

Ahh, that sucks

You might want to try to dispute the fair usage. I found this which might be usefull.

Thanks! I tried, but if I dispute it and I’m still violating the rules, I can lose my youtube account and all of my videos, so I just uploaded it to Vimeo. They seem less strict.

Hopefully that will work!


Yes, the vimeo video works fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. I love when your face lights up at 2:55, when you splash through the water. I hope you rinsed all that destructive salt off afterwards though :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! I did wash it off, but I had to use water bottles because if a city official sees you using a hose, you can get fined $400!!! Droughts suck.

You’re quite welcome to take our rainy weather if you like, its here all week apparently :roll_eyes:
No century ride for me this week :frowning:

Well now I’m in Oregon and while they SAY they’re in a drought, it’s super green here and we’ve already had a lot more rain this summer than I’ve experienced in California over the past several years. I guess by Oregon’s standards, they’re in a drought, but not by mine! I love the rain!

… Makes me want a fat-uni even more :’( :wink:


cool videos i’m dimitri im from azerbaijan and i like uncicycle i hope well be good friends :smiley:

Neat video…thanks for uploading to vimeo…far superior than YouTube.