(California) Need UNi Trials riders for Keyesville Bike trials event


I am hoping to organize a group of uni trials riders to compete in the Keyesville Bike trials event on Saturday, March 18, 2006. At the same time, there will be a large MTB race in the area as well. It is near Lake Isabella just outside Bakersfield, California. It’s about 1.5 - 2 hours north of Los Angeles. Not sure of the distance from the San Francisco Bay area – anyone know?

Right now the information is still sketchy. I am in contact with the organizers, but I need to know if there is any serious interest in competing. They will set up a separate class for us if we have at least three riders. I think it would be great if we could show up with much more.

Here is a photo of one of the riding areas. Below is a brief description written by one of the promoters – Zak Maeda.

The Keyesville Classic is located in the California Sierra town of Lake Isabella, which is approximately 30 miles East of Bakersfield. Closest big airport is Burbank Bob Hope Airport. From there it’s about a 1 1/2 hr drive.

Closest motel is the Isabella Motel. They fill up fast, so call soon, if you’re definite about coming. 760) 379-2800. There is free camping on site, on some of the most beautiful terrain imaginable. There are clean permanent pit toilets, but camping is primitive. You need to bring water, tent, etc. Lots of free riding and tons of sessioning. At night there are numerous campfires, it’s a pretty sociable group. There are grocery stores, fast food, gas, etc in Lake Isabella, a short 5 minute drive.

Sections are built on big granite rocks, some water, loose sandy riverbeds. This is NOT the event to move up a class, as the sections tend to be tough and challenging. Thanks Tim, for posting the great photo…this is only one of about 10 big rocky areas we use. The loop tends to be on the long side, with 6-8 sections. Weather can be cold & windy, or hot & sunny at this time of year…pretty hard to predict. It will be a fun time!

Post your name if interested. Please post any questions and I will try to get them answered. I have been hoping to get some sort of West Coast Trials comp started for Unicycles, maybe this will be a beginning.

BTW, there is also a 5 weekend series in Fontana California beginning January 28 and running every weekend for the next 5 weeks.


I’m in if there’s any other bay area riders interested in going down there. Might Corbin be interested? If so, I might be able to hitch a ride with him. If not, well, I won’t be there. Anyways, I’ll e-mail Corbin, so hopefully that’ll be two riders.


i may want to go…it depends on when it starts. it is 4.5 hour drive from San Jose, probably 5 - 5.5 from San Francisco:


if corby and gerble are in, then i am too. sounds like a blast!

Bummer! I have my French final on that day! (4pm)

Good work in organizing such an event though, Rod!



Wooooo im in! I got that day off work too. This is gonna be slick.

Ill probably bring at least one of the other san diego boys too. Im gonna need someone to keep me company on the drive too, right? haha Just kidding, i want them to ride too.

Thanks for the information on this, Rod. And keep us updated.

anyone from east of iowa going? via car? i’d love to snag a lift. but alas. looks like a blast, have fun everybody.

I can already see it… mango’s gonna take the “highest drop” competition to the next level, being the first unicyclist to leave a crater where he landed. I can’t wait to be a part of history!

Mannnn! What a great response!:slight_smile:

I am currently waiting back for more details. I will keep everyone posted.

Stay “tuned”


i dunno what team truckee’ll think, but i’ll see if we can get together for that… but we might be preparing for moab…

All right.

Here is the most recent response from Zak Maeda, the organizer:

“You guys are free to ride our sections. I dont really know how a unicycle trials is scored, so I guess the rules and dabs would totally be up to you guys. The sections will be up by Friday the 17th. So you guys can come check the sections out and decide what classes and whatnot you want to ride. Keep in mind that Keyesville is usually one of the harder comps so for the pro and expert sections there are some big moves. But like usual the sport and beginner classes are mellow and not to big.”

Zak Maeda

I don’t know the first thing about scoring for trials, so I am not sure what to do. Suggestions? This is all new to me. It think there is a registration fee per rider, so I will look into that.

Post any questions that you may have and I will get answers.


I don’t know about scoring for trials, I’d just love to ride on that stuff!

You could search a lot of Kris Holms stuff on unitrials scoring/rules.

Trials rules, scoring, etc. written by Kris Holm for UNICON:

How do we register?

Two or three of my sons and I would like to join in the fun. How do we register for the competition and book camp sites?
Most likely we will be driving up Fri night, leaving Sun. Not sure what levels
we should register for.
Any advice or info would be much appreciated

I’m gonna go!:smiley:

i may try to get down there with a parent.
excuse me if this is already writted, but does it cost anything to enter?

Wow, more riders, this is sooooo great. I am really busy today, but if I have some time at lunch I can update with the details. Otherwise, expect an answer late tonight between 10:00 pm and Midnight PST.


All for ONE and ONE for all.

Thanks, and the increased interest is appreciated. The more the merrier!
I put up a web page here http://www.unicycleroundupla.com/keyesvilletrialsinfo.htm
It has a lot of the most recent information. There is information on that page that is not below. Registration is in person on the day of the competition. See more below.

The practice day is Friday, March 17 and the competition is on Saturday March 18.

For everyone that is intended on coming to the event, whether as a competitor or observer, I need your email address so I can put you on my email list. Email me, don’t PM, at teachndad (att) aol (dott) com.

According to the organizer, campsites are pretty much wherever you can find an open plot of land. Sites aren’t marked. Thus, reservations for campsites are not necessary. The registration is in person on Saturday morning at a sign in table that is supposed to have signs pointing to it. Registration is $25 or $30 dollars per participant.

There are 4 different classes, Pro, Expert, Sport, and Beginner. I recommend you scope out the sections on Friday, or Saturday morning before 9 am. to see what sections you can ride. Signs will mark sections with the appropriate difficulty rating. You pick what level you think you can both ride and feel challenged by, and then sign up for that class. Rider meeting is at 9:45 am.

We will be competing against the bike trials riders, not in our own class. Our goal is to make them cry for their mommies, once they see what we can do on one wheel” – I paraphrase Maestro.

If you have any questions, email me.

Current TEAM of ONE members include

GerbleFranklin – Bevan
Maestro – Jason Heiman
Mango – Erik
XtrialsX – Jake Sprague

Observers/ riders?
Teachndad – Rod Wylie
Corbin Dunn
Terry Bigwheel - Terry Peterson

We are the TEAM of ONE! Who needs 2 wheels, anyway…:slight_smile:

All For ONE and ONE for ALL


man. I can’t come:( I have stuff gping on then.


I just checked the weather forcast for Lake Isabella, where the Keyesville trials are scheduled to take place this Saturday. It is calling for RAIN both Friday and Saturday! Now, we ALL know that the “weatherman” is not always right, but if it DOES rain on competition day, will it simply be rescheduled, or will the show still go on? :thinking: