California Muni Weekend!

The California Muni Weekend website is up!

Muni Weekend Date: October 14-16

You’ll notice a few details on the site are yet to be announced. Please visit the website periodically for updated info, and contact us with questions.

~Your Santa Barbara Muni friends

Thats a really good & well designed website, but I’ve got a suggestion for some other things for the trail rules page. I think a need to look out for other riders well being (stop if they look in difficulty, that sort of thing) should be put across, and also something about maintaining sensible distance, because that annoys me when people ride too close & I make more mistakes that way.


skill level-

It would be useful if you specified the caliber of terrain and/or rider.
I’m a relatively new rider. I’ve been riding for probably a year now, but I’ve only been serious about it the past 8 months. I have a 26’ sun (cheap) unicycle that I ride on the levees near my house.
Would I have any fun attempting to ride the terrain in SB?


Re: skill level-

Good question. This has been a topic of conversation in another spot on the forums. Refer to
especially Myocardial’s comment on page 2. The short answer is, it IS challenging, but it WILL be fun even for a newbie, as long as you don’t mind walking here and there. I suggest taking the next month to practice riding over different kinds of bumps and rocks. Hope to see you!

Anyone know how to recommend/nominate/suggest a town for the next one? i know there was one in tahoe in 2000, but i was thinking Truckee, CA, might be a good place… nice rocks, and a bunch of places to ride.

either that or Lee Vining/tioga pass up by Mono Lake

You’ll want to talk to John Foss about it.

What about school?

If it’s not any inconvenience, I think you should hold the Muni weekend during the summer next year, so that people with school can go for the whole time, instead of just the Saturday and Sunday ride. Being religious, I would only be able to go on the Saturday ride if I went, and it’s a six hour drive, so it’s just not worth it for me. Wish I could go!:frowning:

Re: What about school?

Sorry you can’t go. Organizers have thought of this before, but there are other unicycle events during the summer that we have to stay away from. Not to mention, summer muni tends to be extremely hot in California. For those reasons, it will probably always be a fall event.

Oh well, I guess I’ll try to schedule better next year and maybe skip a few days of school and make it up later. Just out of curiosity, what kind of unicycle would you reccomend bringing? If you’re familiar with the torker LX, would it be best to bring a 24 inch or a 20 inch? Your answer will give me a clue of the type of terrain.

Well, I wouldn’t recommend a torker LX at all. But if that’s all I had, I would recommend the 24, mostly because you get more leverage out of the longer cranks, and you need the leverage on this terrain. But I’ve seen a handful of people ride down on a KH 20inch trials, and do quite well. Never tried it myself. I ride a KH 24 with all stock parts and never had a problem.

What about a torker DX 24 inch?

same story. It could be done, but it wouldn’t offer maximal strength and comfort, in my opinion. You get what you pay for.

I’m trying to decide what kind of mountain unicycle to get, and I’m on a budget. Is a KH Muni all that much better than a qu-ax? Or even a DX? Everyone says it’s better, but I don’t see much of a difference except for the quality and structure. What are the adantages?


Sounds like a great topic for a new thread. Others would have more to say than I.

CA Muni Weekend Website now UPDATED

CA Muni Weekend is nearing, and the website has been updated!
Please peruse it in detail:
Some of the (critical) updates include:
-Changes to the schedule
-Improved directions
-List of things not to forget!

I am told that Carpinteria Campground is now sold out. If you reserved a spot with me, you’re golden. I have only 1 or 2 spots left. Other options might be available. Ask me if you need help,

13 days and counting! It’s not too late to register. Can’t wait to see you all.
~Your Santa Barbara Muni friends.

Im gonna be doing it on a dx 24in, and it has the standard tire…This is gonna be tough on it…After this weekend il prolly buy a bigger tire…

EDIT: Ohh and my nub is jacked up on my 24in so this il be fun LOL…Someone il have to try my uni and see if htey know why it pops around, I tightened everything and nothin worked…Hopefully somone out htere will know whats wrong with it…

If you have never been to Crystal Basin off Hwy 50 there are trails everywhere including the Rubicon trail