California Muni Weekend Website

The California Muni Weekend website is up!

Muni Weekend Date: October 14-16

You’ll notice a few details on the site are yet to be announced. Please visit the website periodically for updated info, and contact us with questions.

~Your Santa Barbara Muni friends


Are there any future activities planned closer to Los Angeles or Orange Country?
Wish there was a uni club in OC. :frowning:

Re: southern

This is the second largest worldwide Muni event (I think). Lots of people will envy your event proximity. I bet you’ll be able to get a ride from someone.

Of course YOU could always organize an event :slight_smile:

Re: southern

yea , dude. I hope youre kidding cause youre certainly taking the wrong perspective on this.

A few of us will be shooting up from San Diego (which is certainly worth the drive…wouldnt even blink an eye at that one :wink: ). Maybe we’ll have a spot for you as the time rolls around. Keep in touch.

hehe, just look at Mango… He’s flying in from Germany! Can anyone out there beat that?


Hey stop jumping all over leadpan, I think he’s new! One would assume there should be lots more organized unicycling going on in Southern California, but it’s just not the case. You riders down there just need to get things going and it might get real big real fast.

Yes, the second-closest MUni events to the LA area have been the ones in Santa Cruz (1999 and 2002). Also we did do one National Unicycle Convention down there in 1998 (Monrovia), but I think that’s about it. The next-nearest ones would be the Moab Muni Fest (Utah) and the 2004 USA Nationals (farther away in Utah).

There must be tons of great riding down there. The guys in Santa Barbara, as you can see on their web site, are very well organized. I’m sure they can help you with ideas if you ask, as can many of us on these forums.

Meanwhile, don’t pass up the opportunity for MUni Weekend 2005. Though I’ve managed to miss every group trip down there, all I hear are raves about the trails. You don’t want to miss this one!

Sweet, I’ve already filled out my forms and confirmed with my father that I’ll be able to come. We should send them out soon. I can’t wait!

I just might be able to make it this time, I hope, but I was wonderin…
the only unicycles I have are a KH20 and a Coker, neither of which are completely suitable for MUni. I’d prolly bring just my KH20…will this make it much harder for me?

Yes. P{lenty doable, but more pedaling. On shorterish technical rides it would be okay, but not on long XC muni rides.

The muni rides would be long and arduous on a 20" but come anyways for the trials and maybe some light muni. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to borrow a muni from someone for a ride.

spiiiiffy…still not sure I’ll be able to come, but hopefully will. danke!

Yo, Leadpan:

I’m in Venice, not so far away from you in OC. I’m usually Muniing up in SB one day a weekend and Muni around here, in the Santa Monica Mountains, the other day. There are now two of us (remember Ricky, the athletic black dude), and Eyal comes down usually every 3 weeks or so, to make a party of 3. You can join us anytime–love to have another rider.


Hey, James. You should definitely come down, for two reasons. One is you might be able to borrow a muni from someone else (maybe you could post a thread on that). Two is that our SB trails are indeed short and technical, relatively speaking. Our rides max out at about 6 miles, which is only half the distance of some of the previous muni weekend rides. However, our trails have got tons of midsized rocks. I’ve seen many people do them on their 20" trials unis without any problem. Granted, if you had a choice, I’d still go with a 24", but I wouldn’t say it’s a requirement on our terrain.

I think there has been at least one person on a 20" wheel on all the major rides of all the most recent MUni Weekends. Not even countin Beau Hoover, who only recently moved up to a bigger wheel!

Great website, great trails, great trials obstacles, and a great logo! Well done. :slight_smile:

Looks like it would be a lot of fun. I’ll make it along to one one year when I’ve got some money spare.


On many SB single tracks–the tough bits being natural trials gauntlets–a 20 incher might be an advantage. In any event we’ll all be riding with dozens of others, so there will be lots of stopping and resting and watching and hazing and abetting and trying grim bits a 2nd and 3rd time, so I can’t imagine anyone on a 20 strugling to keep up. On the real hard ones (for us), we sometimes have hikers along and we seem to go about the same pace as someone on foot, seeming we stop so much and dink around on the rocks, and try various lines, et al.


Is this the thread for questions about the weekend?

What time do you think the casual muni ride will start on Thursday? I would like to make that ride. I’m trying to figure out when I should fly in.

Also, what would the drive be like from LAX to the campsite or Thursday’s trail head?



Sure, this can be a thread about muni weekend questions. About thursday, unfortunately, the organizers cannot be involved with the planning of that ride. The reason is I am told that some riders will want to ride SBs hardest trail on that day: Saddle Rock. The organizers cannot organize or endorse that ride for liability reasons, since it’s pretty dangerous. However, we welcome another participant to step up and declare a meeting time and place. As long as you don’t advertize it as being a part of muni weekend, then you won’t have to worry about liability issues. Eric, I think you’d enjoy the trail, and you’d be a great person to organize it. The ride is under 3 hours including the hike up.

With mild traffic, you can drive from LAX in about 1.5 hours. Of course, with another $100 or so, you can sometimes arrange to fly in to SB. Keep them questions comin!

Late afternoons suck. It could take you an hour to get over the hill to the San Fernando Valley, then add 1.5 to two hours. But that is for late afternoon driving after 3:00 p.m.

6 years ago, I spent 3 years commuting back from that area after 3 pm and it usually took me over an hour to get to my home in the valley.

Try to arrive early.

BTW, don’t forget you can fly into Burbank. The in and out of that airport is faster.

The parents of a friend of mine had to wait over an 1.5 hours to just wait in line at the rental car counter of a smaller rental car company at LAX. So, don’t forget to budget time to rent a car.
I might suggest calling the rental car company and getting hold of the LAX office to see how long they estimate their waits to be at the time of your arrival.

How many people are thinking of camping? I am considering just sleeping in my van at the campsite.

Eyal, did you make campsite reservations for Thursday night or just beginning on Friday? If the res starts on Friday, then does anyone want to volunteer to claim the better sites at the campground after check out time - usually 12 noon. I think the better campsites can be claimed before 3:00 pm. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I still need to find out if there are showers at the campground?