California MUni Weekend Update (Registration)

Registration forms are now available!

Please register early, so we know you’re coming and so we can pay for the T-shirts and other expenses.

Ride dates have been switched between Auburn and Rockville. We will now ride in Auburn on Friday, and Rockville on Saturday. The Rockville day should be shorter, allowing more time for fun and games afterward.

My brother-in-law is getting married on Saturday October 18th! :frowning: Apparently they had set the date many months ago, but I only recently found out about it. If it had been before people started booking flights, I would have moved the MUni Weekend, but I have no way of knowing how many people have already booked. This means Jacquie and other family members will not be around much, and we’ll be more on our own than originally planned (and I won’t have to dress up on 10/18). Though we may still ride in Diana’s pool, other games activities will take place elsewhere. The plan is to use the back parking lot at STEP, Jacquie’s company. More info TBA.

Please note that housing is not mentioned on the registration forms. If you would like to stay at one of the houses we’re offering, you must let me know by email (not newsgroup) so we can keep track of who’s coming and where we’re going to put you all. For hotels, I still haven’t had a chance to find a “recommended” hotel near my house. Everything is at least 2 miles away, and I don’t know if any of them will be cheap. You’ll spend less up in Auburn, which will be closer to Auburn and Downieville rides, but farther from Rockville. I’ll try to provide some more information soon. Jacquie and I will be out of town for a week, returning on August 22.