California Muni Weekend - Los Angeles, October 26-28, 2018

Wow! That should be great for the non-campers. For me, I think I’ll look for something slightly more upscale. :slight_smile:

If this will be anything like Jamie’s LA Muni Weekend in 2014, it will be a great mix of sessioning, scenery and downhill. I’m looking forward to doing it on a Muni with brakes this time! I highly recommend you consider it if you like going on dirt rides with large groups of interesting people. It will be well worth the trip.

Pictures from the 2014 Muni Weekend

Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

Sessioning, scenery and downhill - that’s definitely what will happen :slight_smile:

Brakes highly recommended :wink:

Sounds awesome! See y’all there.

The official T-shirt of the California Muni Weekend 2018 is here! Inspired by the fact that it happens right before Halloween (or rather Day of the Dead - SoCal is right next to Mexico!). Designed by Julie (thanks!).

You can buy it online using the following links:

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STICKERS (*not on zazzle)

Very cool design! Unfortunately I missed the cutoff date for the discount, due to being out of town. :frowning: Is there any chance of offering it in a different color? White gets dirty so easily! A light beige or something might work, unless the teeth in the artwork aren’t printed in white…

Here is a new link with dozens of color options :slight_smile:

Right now, there is still a 15% discount on the site!

Not bad! I ordered too soon; so a white one is on its way to me. White is still the best background color for the artwork, as it was designed. If I like it, I might get a different color, or a sweatshirt or something… :slight_smile:

Not sure how many people will buy them because of the price (plus shipping), but the cool thing is that anybody who likes it can have one, or the many variations or other products the design can be printed on.

Back in the day, we made T-shirts to help raise money, but it was always a gamble on how many to order, and a bunch of logistics to order and handle all the shirts.

Dates are in my calendar!

Am I in my calendar?

We’ll see :slight_smile:

@John: I got a white one too :slight_smile:

@m1les: Great, I hope you can make it!

Great news! The California Muni Weekend is now officially supported by Mad4one. By participating, you will have the chance of winning some of these really nice Mad4one unicycle parts and T-shirts!

Hi everyone,

As we are getting closer to the CA Muni Weekend, we need to finalize the number of participants doing the epic ride down Mt Wilson (Saturday, Oct 27). We will have at least two of our own cars bringing riders to the top. In addition, we will use a commercial shuttle service to get all remaining riders to the top (about $25 per person). In the end, we will split the costs among everyone doing the Mt Wilson ride (so expect about $15-20).

Please send an e-mail to until Saturday, Oct 20, and let me know if you will join the Mt Wilson ride! If you have any other comments or questions, please feel free to ask me.

Thanks, Ben

I have booked my travel, so I’m committed! I’ll send you an email.

Update on the Mt Wilson / Mt Lowe ride:

Based on your feedback, we will have around 20-25 riders and 5 dedicated drivers, some with big cars. This means that we won’t need to book a commercial shuttle. In case we need more seats, we can share an Uber to get the rest to the top (with the unicycles stowed in other cars). This should actually be cheaper than booking the MTB shuttle and we are not constrained to the shuttle times.

The whole ride might take something like 5 hours, so please bring your lunch, lots of water, and sunscreen!

Meeting point:
Saturday, Oct 27, 8:30 am
JPL parking lot (N Windsor Ave / Mountain View St, see attached map)

This is the same location as for the Thursday 4 pm ride!

Detailed schedule for Thursday afternoon:

Meet at 4 pm at the JPL parking lot, Altadena
Don’t start too late, it will get dark by 6 pm!

Beginner: Gabrielino out-and-back

The ride starts and ends at the parking lot, exactly as shown on Trailforks. It starts paved and turns into a mix of single trails and dirt roads. It has some fun creek crossings, too! Please turn around at 5 pm otherwise it will get dark before you get back.

Advanced: El Prieto

El Prieto is a fun and challenging trail with lots of rock gardens. A few sections are a bit exposed, so please be careful. Fit everyone into as few cars as possible, and shuttle to the end of El Prieto Road (10 min drive). Park on the street somewhere before the Cul-de-sac. Ride to the start of El Prieto like in this Strava activity: After you finish El Prieto, continue downhill, and head back to the JPL parking lot. Get the drivers back to their cars on El Prieto Rd and bring them down to the JPL parking lot.

Meet at “Tacos Poncitlan” on Lincoln Ave for some authentic tacos

When did that happen?

So, How come no dates or what it was for on the shirt?

Seeking more information about tomorrow’s ride, where to meet specifically?

Got my Muni Weekend photos posted:

2018 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, Los Angeles

BTW, this is the 23rd annual! The first one was in 1996. :slight_smile:

Video: LA 5 - Chumash Trail, California Muni Weekend 2018

Another video: LA 6 - Hummingbird Trail, California Muni Weekend 2018

That link did not work for me. Here is a direct Youtube link to the video posted on 11-19-18