California Muni Weekend - Los Angeles, October 26-28, 2018

I’m happy to bring this year’s CA Muni Weekend to Los Angeles. We will ride a very diverse spectrum of trails, from high up in the mountains to within sight of the ocean! Also, we will have easier options for beginner-intermediate riders so that everyone will have as much fun as possible!

Please follow the event page on Facebook, where the detailed program has just been announced.

I would love to see as many of you as possible there! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Cheers, Ben

Here is the program:

Thursday afternoon: Ben’s home trails
4pm at JPL parking lot, Altadena
Advanced: El Prieto loop
Beginner: Gabrielino out-and-back

Friday: Simi Valley
10am at Kuehner Dr, self-shuttle everyone to Rocky Peak Trailhead
Advanced: The Grudge
Beginner: Chumash out-and-back
Lunch at Old Susana Cafe
2pm: Kuehner Dr, again self-shuttle
Trail for everyone: Hummingbird, at an easy pace
Bonus ride if anyone is up for it: G Spot

Halloween party at Ben’s place in Altadena

Saturday: epic Mt Lowe shuttle ride
8-9am JPL parking lot, exact time depends on commercial shuttle service
Advanced: Mt Lowe East Trail, Castle Canyon, Sunset Ridge, Horses trail
Beginner: Old Mt Lowe Railroad (dirt road), Lower Sam Merrill
Groups meet each other at Inspiration Point, Echo Mountain, and Loma Alta Park

Optional bonus ride: famous Fargo Street in LA

Evening: BBQ at Lance’s place (swimming pool!)

Sunday: toward the ocean!
9am meet in Agoura Hills, then drive to trailheads
Advanced: Dead Cow up, Suicide down
Beginner: Ride to the MASH site (TV series), Malibu Creek State Park
Drive to Corral Cyn Trailhead, Santa Monica Mountains (about 40 min), have lunch somewhere on the way
Afternoon: ride the most beautiful part of the Backbone Trail at Corral Canyon
Drive to Malibu (20 min)
Enjoy the sunset and relax at the beach!


Any concept ideas for a t-shirt? When Jamie ran the event, the t-shirt featured “CA MUNI WEEKEND” written like the HOLLYWOOD sign with a tiny unicyclist atop one of the letters.

It might be funny to reference the upcoming ballot initiative attempting to break California into 3 states. Show a map of CA with the proposed divisions; place a dark circle (tire) around the map and a diagonal red stripe running through the center; write “CALIFORNIA MUNI WEEKEND 2018” around the sidewall of the tire.

Or, if you actually think splitting the state into three parts is a good idea, skip the red stripe running through the center…

That stupid idea has been already been kicked off the ballot.

I am not up to date on the news! You are right. What a relief!

We definitely plan on having a T-shirt! Julie from Santa Cruz is working on a design right now. It might be Halloween related :wink:

Sounds like it’ll be a blast, hope you all have a great time!

Woooo Hoooo! See y’all there! Thanks to Ben, and everyone else who’s helping, for putting this together.

Maybe next year we’ll go up to Tahoe again and ride Mr. Toads and/or maybe Downieville!

Super happy that you will come!

I have not been to Tahoe, but it’s very high on my list of places to visit, so if the next CA muni weekend will be there, it would be simply perfect!

Accommodation Update

In case you are wondering where to sleep, here are a few options!

  1. Malibu Creek State Park Campground

I think the best muni weekend experience is if everyone stays at the same campground. This campground would be perfect for that: close to where we ride, surrounded by nature, and with facilities including showers.

HOWEVER, this campground is currently closed due to a police investigation. I hope that it will open until the muni weekend, so I would kindly ask you to wait a few more weeks before booking something else that cannot be canceled. I will let you know ASAP if I know more.

Unfortunately, there are no other campgrounds with showers close by.

  1. Lincoln Motel, Pasadena
    If you are sure that you don’t want to stay at a campground and still want an inexpensive place to stay: At the Lincoln Motel, I found an offer on for about $20 a night with 4 persons in the same room. It can be canceled for free if the campground opens in time. Also, it is close to the rides on Thursday and Saturday.

  2. Any other hotel/motel/hostel around LA
    The map shows the location of the trailheads so please feel free to look for something that suits your needs in that region.

  3. Staying with locals
    If you know someone living in the LA area, simply ask whether you could stay with them. I think most are happy to host fellow unicyclists.

Wow! That should be great for the non-campers. For me, I think I’ll look for something slightly more upscale. :slight_smile:

If this will be anything like Jamie’s LA Muni Weekend in 2014, it will be a great mix of sessioning, scenery and downhill. I’m looking forward to doing it on a Muni with brakes this time! I highly recommend you consider it if you like going on dirt rides with large groups of interesting people. It will be well worth the trip.

Pictures from the 2014 Muni Weekend

Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

Sessioning, scenery and downhill - that’s definitely what will happen :slight_smile:

Brakes highly recommended :wink:

Sounds awesome! See y’all there.

The official T-shirt of the California Muni Weekend 2018 is here! Inspired by the fact that it happens right before Halloween (or rather Day of the Dead - SoCal is right next to Mexico!). Designed by Julie (thanks!).

You can buy it online using the following links:

THIRTYOFFSEPT — 30% off ending Sept 12






STICKERS (*not on zazzle)

Very cool design! Unfortunately I missed the cutoff date for the discount, due to being out of town. :frowning: Is there any chance of offering it in a different color? White gets dirty so easily! A light beige or something might work, unless the teeth in the artwork aren’t printed in white…

Here is a new link with dozens of color options :slight_smile:

Right now, there is still a 15% discount on the site!

Not bad! I ordered too soon; so a white one is on its way to me. White is still the best background color for the artwork, as it was designed. If I like it, I might get a different color, or a sweatshirt or something… :slight_smile:

Not sure how many people will buy them because of the price (plus shipping), but the cool thing is that anybody who likes it can have one, or the many variations or other products the design can be printed on.

Back in the day, we made T-shirts to help raise money, but it was always a gamble on how many to order, and a bunch of logistics to order and handle all the shirts.

Dates are in my calendar!

Am I in my calendar?

We’ll see :slight_smile:

@John: I got a white one too :slight_smile:

@m1les: Great, I hope you can make it!

Great news! The California Muni Weekend is now officially supported by Mad4one. By participating, you will have the chance of winning some of these really nice Mad4one unicycle parts and T-shirts!