California Muni Weekend - Looking to hitch a ride


Are any of the Seattle/WA area riders driving down to the Muni Weekend?

I could also meet up with someone in Oregon if there are people travelling from there.

If you are willing to take on another passenger, please send me a private message and we’ll figure out the details.

-Dan Heaton



If you’re desperate call my friend Brian, he lives in Eugene, OR. I don’t think he’s planning on coming down, or even that it’s going on. I sent him a letter about it awhile ago because that was the only way to get ahold of him when he was working in Alaska. I think he’s back now. He knows who you are, and you might be able to convince him. I’ll pm you his phone number.

comon people you get to be in a car with the all mighty Dan heaton!.. wow that sounds creepy… hahaha