"California" Muni Weekend in Vancouver, BC

2010 California / Vancouver Muni Weekend
Saturday, September 4 to Monday, September 6, 2010 (Labour day long week-end)

Registration is now open!! Please follow the instructions on our registration page, here.
Unfortunately we are having a few hiccups with payment, as soon as we have those details ironed out we will let you know.

Want to know more!? Please check our main site for more details on the weekend, here.

If you have any questions or concerns about the weekend, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@vanuni.com, or give Anne-Sophie Rodet a call at: +1 (604) 723 9769.

Hope to see you in September!

and An’So

PS: So who’s planning to come (even if it’s not a yes for sure)?, it just helps to organize!

I really would like to come, it depends on work. Never been to Vancouver, I’ve wanted to visit.

I’ve always wanted to Muni in Vancouver, and now you’re blowing away all my excuses for not going. Woo hoo!

I’m clearing off the calendar. Can’t miss this one. How often does one get invited to play in Kris’s backyard?

You’ve got it all wrong Tom.

Work depends on you.

You depend on unicycling.

Therefore it is to your work’s benefit that you unicycle. The world won’t stop turning if the computers don’t get your attention for a weekend.

Assuming I can afford to, I plan on driving over for this one. I might need a new tire, too.

I hope to be able to go. :smiley:

Just don’t call it the Cali muni weekend if it’s in Canada, becuase as anyone can tell you California is about 1000X cooler than Canada.

just cause youre afraid of our trails, doesnt mean you have to slag on us…

Whoa Dems were fightin words Catboy! lol :roll_eyes: fuggin Canada Eh, thas an epic drive! I wanna fliy, but I cant rent a car…Aight… WHOS ROAD TRIPPIN WITH ME!?

I’m coming!

Anyone want to carpool from Portland?

Even better, he’ll talk smack and then fail to even show up!

I call shotgun! Oh, wait, you drove last time. Guess it’s my turn.

This is really cool, I sure hope we can have the “British Columbia” Muni weekend in LA! :wink:

Even if you’re only driving through Portland, I’ll pay for gas and food. I don’t mind driving up by myself but it would be nice to spread the enviromental impact :slight_smile:

Since we seem to be on the subject of carpooling. Is there anyone who will be going from anywhere near Sandpoint Idaho? Or passing through on the way?

BC bump.

I was told Muni was dead, so I guess Vancouver must be heaven because it sure rains too much to be hell.

come prove to me that it isn’t. i’ll be waiting.

There’s public transit from the airport and to the trail heads so if you don’t have or can’t rent a car don’t worry about that. Plus I’m sure car-pools can be aranged as needed.

I’m 90% coming, still a few details to work out, but looking good.

What part is the 10% you’re leaving behind?