California Muni Weekend, 2004

Josh and I were riding today in Simi, remembering the “Golden Age” of So Cal Muni (basically 2003 to 2007) when all the big trails up at Santa Barbara (Tunnel and Rattlesnake remain iconic tech Muni runs, rarely cleaned top to bottom), Simi Valley (including the stellar and dangerous G-Spot), Suicide Connector, Elevator Drop in Santa Monica, Mt. Baldy, and dozens more. The Santa Barbara Muni Club was possible the most active group of hard core Muni riders going at the time, with frequent visitors from all over. 2004 Cal Muni Weekend was questionably the best tech Muni gathering ever. The whole gang was there and the rides were awesome. Legendary rider, Eyal Aharoni organized.

Lots of great memories.


Muni 1.jpg

Muni 2.jpg

Luckily, all those and many more great trails are still there, and the “good old days” are alive and well today, (with ever improving uni technology!) every time any of us gets out to ride them…which for a lot of us is still quite often! Cool pics btw. :slight_smile:

That was a great weekend, but I believe it was in 2005, not 2004.

I still have the uni I won in the raffle at that event. The frame recently broke, which means the only original parts left are the hub, rim and cranks, but what’s left is still my main MUni.

That’s right, it was 2005 for Santa Barbara, surely one of the best-organized MUni Weekends of them all! 2004 was Lake Tahoe, and featured the world’s first Street competition (after some snow fell).

Perhaps that time period represents the golden age for the SB MUni Club. I hope someone can step up and try to fill Eyal’s shoes; I’d love to ride those trails again at a future MUni Weekend!

I think Hans would be a great choice for organizing an SB MUni weekend, and of course, he lives in SB. :slight_smile:

If you want it done, you can organize it yourself. From what I know of Hans I think he’s unlikely to want to take a lead role.

Terry, clearly you are the best one to organize this event :stuck_out_tongue:

The golden age, now that’s a funny term to use, as if nothing golden came before and nothing golden will come after. Man, what a shame I missed it, I guess it’s all ternish from here on out. :wink:

So Terry, I promise to attend your event if I have enough notice.

How about Spring 2012?

Do you need help picking a date for the start of the Titanium Age?

I appreciate the votes of confidence. And like I mentioned earlier in this thread, this is the “Golden Age”; at least imo. Reminds me of a classic song with a similar theme. (For those over 40, it might also remind you of a ketchup commercial! :smiley: )

Ketchup, with mellowing agents, makes everything better :smiley:

True Terry, this is the golden age, and it just gets golder with age.

We’ll have none of that silly reminiscing, save that sort of thing for a time when you can no longer do what you think :roll_eyes:

So Terry, I got some dates for ya…

Thanks Ben, but I’m already in a relationship, and she probably wouldn’t approve. :stuck_out_tongue: