California Muni Weekend '07 - Trials Obstacles.

I’ve been building more and more stuff for California Muni Weekend 2007 - Santa Cruz.

I’ve posted new pictures on my site, starting here:

Check the site, as there are more pictures than what follows. But, here is a preview:

Many of these things started out as sketches in “SketchUp” ( – a free simple CAD app from Google. I can give people the sketchup files if them email me and ask for them.

Feel free to make your own designs in Sketchup and email them to me. I’ll try to build them if i can!

I think it would be cool if you did something like this.


viewed from the top.

2 skinnies, you ride the first one, then you have to do a little side/up hop to the other one.

I posted a couple of my files on my blog:

Your spacing doesn’t come out quite right…Do a sketch in SketchUp with the dimensions you’d like, and I can try to build it. I already have quite a few skinnys, but you never can have too many!


see, you need to come with me Erik;)

im so coming

please keep that to yourself

So far so good! Looks sweet Corbin, can’t wait to try some of those. Keep up the good work.