California Mountain Unicycle Weekend Report

Hey Mike,

That would be great if you could make it. Keep an eye on and the newsgroup for more info in the next month or so.

As for accomodation, last year there were 33 registered riders (many non local riders) and not a single one had to stay at a hotel. They all stayed at local riders places. Providing there isn’t a huge increase in the number of riders we should be able to put everyone up for free.


I must say I had a blast at the MUni weekend. I really enjoyed the riding and the people.

I do agree that the riding on Friday and Saturday was lighter than previous MUni weekends, however, that seemed to be largely due to the fact that a number of riders I talked to (including myself) said they hadn’t been riding as much as they usually do prior to the weekend. Given the reputation of the Sunday ride this probably made them ride a little bit more conservatively than usual.

MUni weekends are also about having fun. While riding is obviously a large part of that, there is a lot that can be gained by talking to other riders.

That being said, MUni weekend is what you make of it. While there are organized rides there’s nothing preventing you and a few other riders from taking off and doing a nearby trail. The organizer primarily provides the venue and some suggested trails. It’s up to the rider to decide what to do.

Thank you John Foss for a great weekend and all the organizational work that goes along with it. It takes a lot of time … I know!


Jagur, had I attended the Muni Weekend, I would have been happy to hang with you and DDR. I’ve experienced the same thing myself, though not at unicycle events. When riding with my road bike club, I’m often snubbed by uptight roadies. I guess it’s my appearance. I usually wore cut-offs, black t-shirt, chain-drive trucker wallet, messenger bag with patches and spikes on it and riding my black track bike with obscene stickers on it like “One F_cking Speed” and “Cars-R-Coffins”. I guess I’m not the type of guy they want to associate with. I’ve also noticed this while trying to strike up a conversation with a pretty hippy girl.

I just remembered the time I was riding around the ISU campus with GB4. I was walking over to get a coke during the juggling display and I overheard a girl say that I looked like I was “on the bomb squad”. I had on the Roaches, and my black t-shirt at the time. I felt like saying, “No Babe… I’m on the bomb-diggity squad”, but I didn’t. :smiley:

So jagur, you’re still number one in my book and I’m looking forward to riding with ya some day.


on second thought it was probobly my huge pitcher of Bud Light that scared folks away…

Here’s yet another description of the weekend…

Friday morning, I drove up to Rockville with Zach Jucha from Arizona. We arrived a little early and things were a little slow to start so we had a great time meeting people and hanging out. The Trials guys were pulling off some great moves in the parking lot courtesy of Lloyd and his Toys. Playing around at the Quarry in the morning was ok, but I actually prefer riding trails. Since it was the first day, it meant more time to chat with people which was fine. The TV thing went off ok it seemed - I didn’t see it last night, but will try and get a tape of it.

Friday’s ride was fun, basically a shorter version of the ride we’ve done at Rockville several times. I apologize for not leading better. It is so much more fun to be riding and watching than just out front leading. It was great to see the fitness level of guys like Ryan who “don’t do Muni”: very strong. It was Zach’s first ever Muni ride and it was great seeing how much he liked it. After the ride, hanging out at John’s house, swimming, cramming 9 people in the hottub, watching videos was great. Friday night at the Japanese restaurant was fun. Megumi and Beau and Louise showed up and everyone seemed to be having a good time. For some reason I was tired afterwards and we drove off to sleep at John Hooten’s rather than socialize more at John Foss’s.

After a good sleep in the back of the truck, we made it to Auburn in plenty of time for the uphill race. I took a practice run up the course and couldn’t believe how easy it felt. Last time I tried the course I couldn’t ride it (1998). In the race, I set a record by dismounting 3 inches in front of the line - bummer. Next John explained about the Clementine Loop and asked me to lead the group riding up. I said sure, and reaching for my cycle, noticed that about 30 people were already going! I had thought only 10-20 people would want to climb 1000’, but I’d say the majority did. It was a nice ride up and the temp was not really hot yet. I was riding with Dustin and loved seeing how happy he was to be out riding.

The descent and traverse back to the start was fun - of course I remembered it as much harder and MUCH longer. It seemed like just a few minutes until we were at the tunnel. Beau and I were riding with John Sapp and his dog and it was a blast. By the time we made it to the cars, we were hot, but no one was in the river. It looked SO inviting - we immediately jumped in and many followed. We dove off a rock with the Toronto guys and stayed in the water a long time. What a PERFECT way to end a ride.

I didn’t ride much in the afternoon at Granite Bay, but had fun juggling, trying out various unicycles and watching the sand race and people playing around. People didn’t seem to be into organized games much. I takes a lot of energy to do all that on a hot day after a ride etc. Afterwards, John Hooten invited a dozen of us to his health club and we had great showers, then a little shopping and off to the big Saturday night dinner. It was fun, although hard to talk to people other than at your own table. Even without the package from, John pulled together some great prizes and the award ceremony was fun. The main event was the screening of Universe II (the almost complete version). Awesome awesome awesome! This will be a must-own DVD for sure.

After another nice night at the Hooten’s, we got up early and left at 7am for Downieville. The drive was painless and Louise entertained us with stories of riding route 49 on her cross-country bike ride last June. We packed up and got on the second shuttle. The company boasts that they are the fastest way up to the start of the ride and they are not kidding. Man that guy was flying. Luckily we had 4 people crammed in each row of 3 seats.

After some group pictures etc we took off on the famous Downieville Downhill. I found out afterwards that a new course record was set this year: just under 40 minutes! We set a unicycle course record by finishing in about 4 hours. Everyone was riding fast and strong and not retrying sections (or just plain cleaning them first try). It was beautiful and challenging and fun. LONG sections of terrain that really make you think - full concentration. The ride seemed half the length of when I did it 15 months ago. The difference was that we weren’t in a mood to get every section, plus I was following Beau. He was the only one to do the ride on a 20" and did pretty well. Afterwards, we had dinner in Downieville, greeted Scot and Hans when they arrived, planned the next weekend ride, hung out with the many who stayed around, said good-byte, then blasted home.

Others mentioned being sore afterwards. Last time I remember I had no soreness, but since I haven’t been doing big rides lately, my quads were a little sore. Beau ran a mile in PE the next day, but then I wrote him a note so he wouldn’t have to on Tuesday. His teacher liked reading about the Downieville Downhill on unicycle!

THANKS John Foss! And John Hooten and everyone else! It was a true pleasure riding with all of you.


To the query about my broken MUni; Tom, of course the frame was fine, it’s a Hunter! I bent my rim severly, had to fix it trailside before I could get down the hill (thanks again Dustin for keeping me company while I fiddled with it!) in Auburn, and bent the Kinport bracket also. I managed to get it turning well enough, and the spoke tension was even before we left on Sunday, but it is really bent and needs to be replaced. The seat feels loose now, and it squeeks when I lift up on it too hard. Oh well, I needed to replace it anyway, I’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade to a carbon fibre set up.

Hey Jagur, ya like No Means No, so you’re okay in my book. Come to Oakland sometime, and we’ll tear shit up in the hills.

Of course Jagur’s cool. He eats anchovies AND shares them with others. Only a kind soul would do that.


I forgot to say that at the dinner Saturday, after all my beer was gone and I was just starting to get a little thirsty, who should walk up but Jagur, smiling, then filling up my glass from his pitcher. What a guy!


I loved it, and wish it would’ve gone on longer, except for the semantics badgering. I’d rate it a with a 1-10 scale, with 6 being the best, and this weekend was definitely a 6. Thanks to all, especially the organizers and Nathan for being willing to drive me to all the places. Best weekend ever. One thing, post more pics people! I wanna make a scrapbook. Thanks to John Hooten too, for not flipping out when Tom left this strange 14 year old at his house. I really liked the granite bay trials, and wish I had the energy to do it all. Thanks again to everyone.

Can’t think of anything to add to the ride descriptions. I just wish the weekend went on longer!

Did that TV segment ever get broadcast?

yes it was,i wish we would have made a big circle out of all those tables.a real “round table” event.

yes thanx to J-Foss for a great week-end! i’ll have to send you a Flamingo post card some day…

side note
me and DudleyDoRide pulled a U-turn in the Mana parking lot,sorry but raw fish aint my thing.we went to the Outback steak house on Sunrise Blvd.

Bummer…they had cooked stuff too. I had some sushi, but also a chicken teriyaki and rice dinner with potstickers that was quite tasty and reasonably filling. Definitely not a steak replacement though, if that’s how you’re looking to replace the 1500 lost calories from the day.

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>cramming 9 people in the hottub

Should I ask about what kind of hottub that was, or what kind of

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Yeah, the weekend rocked!

The TV segment aired yesterday (friday), and I recorded it. I’ll capture and upload it for all to see! :slight_smile:

I’ll put up a link as soon as I do it…


Sweet! :smiley:

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There is a segmet with you riding up the section at the end of the quarry.

John Hooten

john_childs wrote:

> Jester2000 wrote:
> > *Yeah, the weekend rocked!
> >
> > The TV segment aired yesterday (friday), and I recorded it. I’ll
> > capture and upload it for all to see! :slight_smile:
> >
> > I’ll put up a link as soon as I do it…
> >
> > -Jess *
> Sweet! :smiley:
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I just added more pictures to my Cal Muni gallery. They were taken mostly by Jerry Gruss with his disposable camera. When I get time I will try to lighten the group photo.
Cal Muni gallery


My photos are up!

I had a lot of catching up to do, but I’m there. The MUni Weekend photos are up, along with a lot of other stuff, including our trip to Alaska in August:

As always, if you see something you like, you can order prints direct from Ofoto. Most images will work up to 20 x 30"!

If you would like a digital copy of one of the images, please drop me an email and identify it with the picture number, or by the specific contents of the photo (many of them look alike).

Re: My photos are up!

Dang, it’s not working. We must be overloading the server. I can’t wait any longer!
Sorry for that outburst. Thanks very much for taking the photos and getting them put up. We all appreciate it.