California Mountain Unicycle Weekend Report

This thread is for telling your experiences of the CA Muni Weekend. I’ll start off, from the organizer’s point of view. Based on the feedback I got, and through the critical eyes of the guy making the plans, it seems to have been a rousing success, with lots and lots of happy people telling me they really enjoyed the trails, and the weekend.

It all started for me on Thursday, with running around doing last-minute things, like picking up the shirts, and then people arriving at the house. We watched some videos, but not the coveted Universe 2, which had not yet arrived. It came on Friday.

On Friday we organized ourselves into many cars heading down to Rockville Hills Park. A TV crew was to meet us at about 11:00am, so we decided to not ride very far, and wait for them. Never wait for TV people. Their schedule is constantly changing, and you never know when things will really happen. I thought it was news, but they were from a 1-hour show called Good Evening Sacramento.

They wanted to get lots of footage and do lots of time-consuming interviews. It ate up a lot of time, while we hung out in the Quarry area of the park. I hope it comes out great! It’s supposed to be shown next Wednesday evening, and they estimated something like a 10-minute spot, which is a huge amount of TV time. They got a shot of everyone (about 40 of us) riding down the trail past their camera, which I told them I don’t think anyone else has (on broadcast-quality tape).

So then we went back to the parking lot for lunch, and Lloyd Johnson pulled out his Trials toys from the back of his pickup. After lunch, we headed off to see the trails in the park. Everyone seemed to want to stay together, so the less experienced riders had a hairy time of it as we toured the most gnarly trails in there.

Several people showed up at Rockville that I was not expecting, including a small group from San Jose called the One Wheeled Willys! It was one man and several kids on Schwinns and Torkers, getting a crash course in MUni. But they seemed to have a great time on both Friday and Saturday.

At the center of the park is a lake. Jack Hughes decided to try it out, so we watched him ride into the lake as far as he could, which was about up to his sternum or so, before falling the rest of the way in. Then we noticed the “No Swimming” sign. And the geese were very angry. From there we proceeded to an area called the Rock Garden, with very rocky sections of trail, allowing multiple lines through it. Very fun! We stopped at the edge of a cliff to take some group photos. Then we rode some more rough & tough trails to the north end of the park, down a steep, stepped descent, and back toward the parking lot.

Nobody seemed real interested in setting up games at Rockville, so we opted to save that for Saturday afternoon.

My original plan for the group dinner was to do it at Mana, the best Sushi place in Sacramento (Jacquie and my opinion). But we switched that to Mark & Monicas because they had the big screen, and a better group price for a meal. So I figured I could still invite whoever wanted Japanese there on Friday.

Good thing I called ahead, around noon, to ask about it. They told us not to come until 8:30, so the place wouldn’t be so crazy busy. Then they would be able to serve the estimated 20 people I was bringing. 8:30 is pretty late after a day of riding, but I invited everyone to my house to watch some more videos (still not Universe 2) and hang out. There were more than 20 people crammed in my living room watching all sorts of old unicycle videos, getting showers, and squeezing into the hot tub.

8:30 finally rolled around, and something over 35 people showed up at Mana. Woah! We squeezed into their back room, and also used the two big tables in the back of the restaurant. It was a little confusing, but the food eventually got to us, and it was sooo good! I hope people enjoyed Mana.

That was Friday. Saturday in the next post…


Saturday was the most complicated day, with the most stuff on the schedule. We started at 9:00 at the Confluence in Auburn, the same place we started the first three MUni Weekends. We were met by a photographer and reporter from the Sacramento Bee, so we did the uphill race first. With great volunteer help from Tony Flusche, Eric Kvamme, Grace Fleming, Jared Stoltzfus and others, the race was run and finished very quickly! Jack Hughes was fastest up the hill, in about 17 seconds.

Then we did the big traditional group photo, with the Foresthill Bridge in the background. I’ve got to count the heads in the pictures still, but it was over 60, a record for Auburn! There were some new faces in the group, including a guy who had reportedly only been riding for three days, and looked like Mr. Bean. Not sure if he rode the Clementine Trail with us or not.

We split up into two groups. One rode the 1000’ ascent of the Clementine trail, which is mostly on a paved road, but also includes spectacular scenery under the big bridge. The other group piled into cars and was shuttled to a spot near the top, saving our energy for Downieville and the games.

But some of the wrong people chose to ride up, while others took the cars unnecessarily. A lot of first-timers took off on the trail before I had a chance to point out to them they would hate it. But once the ride was all over, all were happy. The reporter from teh Sacramento Bee actually walked with the riders for the whole 7 miles or so of the Clementine Loop! That helped her learn a lot about us, especially about the people in the back of the group. :slight_smile:

My favorite trail in the Sacramento area is the Confluence area (downhill portion along the Middle Fork) of the Clementine Loop. I got to watch lots of people enjoying their way down, and no cliffside retrievals there that I was aware of. Back down to the cars, and a dip in the river for the hot and weary.

Then we went to Granite Bay, another new area for MUni Weekend. Granite Bay is a town, but it’s also a park area along the Western shore of Folsom Lake. John Hooten rides his unicycle there several times a week, staying in better cardiovascular shape than me. We played on Lloyds Trials toys in the parking lot, and headed over to the rocky beach area for some Trials-type riding and games.

Again, people didn’t seem interested in setting up and hassling with games, rules, tape and stopwatches. They were having a great time either hopping the rocks, or watching and relaxing. But I did come up for a simple race idea, a sand race. There were two sections of rocks, separated by maybe 200’ of sand. The sand and rocks were made out of decomposed granite, so it wasn’t quite as soft as beach sand, but would still be difficult to cross.

We decided to keep it simple and do a head-to-head race. First one across without a dismount wins! If you fall off, wait where you fell. When the first person gets to the other side, everybody else stop, and we note the positions. Ben Plotkin-Swing cruised across first, with Bruce Bundy about 10’ behind. Full results will follow.

The Trials experts were all over those rocks. Unfortunately I missed some of their riding when they first got out there. Ryan Atkins had a bloody nose from a fall he’d taken earlier in the day. Apparently it started bleeding again, and he decided to immortalize the fact. I only found this out later, when I came across the word “UNI” in 6" high letters, spelled out on the rocks in Ryan’s blood. Ew. But I took a picture of course. Later, Ryan decided to jump off a cliff. The jump was a minimum of 9’ high, maybe as high as 11’, landing in the sand. He landed with a “snap!” We all held our breath to see if he was in one piece. He was. The broken thing was his Kinport seat handle. Ryan was all mad. From his point of view, unicycles are weak, fragile things, and it gets expensive to ride like Ryan!

It was getting dark, so Jess Riegel invited a group of us over to his nearby house, where we could wash up and change. It’s a beautiful house, with art objects inside and out, including a metal sculpture of a unicyclist in the front lawn. I’ll have my pictures up eventually.

This is getting long. See dinner in the next post…

Saturday Dinner…

At Mark & Monicas, the room filled up quickly. They had presumably set up seating for 70, which was clearly not going to be enough. More seats and tables were brought in. We were expecting a box of prizes from, but it had not made it in time. Fortunately we had a lot of generous donations from other people to offset the wierd junk I always manage to find to give away.

Gilby donated several shirts, and (Dan Lucal) donated one of his as well. Judy Stoltzfus donated a more-or-less unlimited number of her beautiful posters, which show a woodsy scene with a bear and other animals on unicycles. I forgot to put up a MUni Weekend shirt. We do have shirts left over, L and XL. I think they will be sold through

Some of the prizes from the “John’s junk” category were:

  • JVC dual cassette deck, in perfect working order (Jagur)
  • 4’ tall stuffed flamingo, won at Cedar Point in the early '80s
  • A pair of greasy old pedals
  • Ankle guards from the early '80s
  • An itty bitty crescent wrench from
  • A Precious Moments “keep our act together” sun catcher for the window
  • Posters from the NY Festival of Juggling and Unicycle Arts (1988) and UNICON X (2000)
  • A steering wheel cover that’s too black to use in California
  • A frisbee with LED lights that can be programmed to spell words when it’s flying
  • John’s old T-shirts, including a Japan Team shirt from UNICON I.
  • Oh yeah, a “silk” (rayon?) shirt from the '70s with a clown riding a unicycle on the front. I got it from JeanPaul Jenack. Nathan picked that one up!

Jacquie was very happy to see all of that stuff go away!

Prizes were given out for our two games events, and for various earned and unearned distinctions such as:

  • Best Knee: Scot Wallis, with a damaged knee
  • Best Ankle: Mike Scalisi, twisted ankle
  • Best Blood Spelling: Ryan Atkins
  • Best Homemade Breakfasts: the Riegel family
  • “Hey, did I leave my water bottle in your car, about 4 years ago?”: Geoff Faraghan (I found it while cleaning the garage)
  • Best name: “Uni” the dog, who came with Dan Wilson from Telluride, CO
  • MUni Weekend Birthday: Jerry Gruss, whose birthday was on Friday!
  • Initials matching the kneepads: Thad S. Arnold, who got a pair of TSA kneepads

And many more, too stupid to remember.

We had a salad and pizza buffet, with soft drinks. People could also order from the menu or the bar, at their own expense. Though the pizza played a hopeless battle of trying to keep up with us, it was very good.

We showed videos. We watched Charles Kuralt at the St. Helens school around 1970 or so. We watched Sem Abrahams on his 45’ and 72’ unicycles, and Steve McPeak and his crane setting the current record at 101’. We watched the Amazing Games video from UNICON VI, and flaming puck hockey from NAUCC 2003 (thanks, the Dan).

Lastly, it was time for Universe 2. This was a special “MUni Weekend” edition of the video, which was not yet complete. It was about 26 minutes of amazing footage of amazing unicyclists doing amazing things. Was that too many amazings? No. The footage and camerawork were amazing. We’ve been waiting too long for the second SYKO effort. Hopefully we won’t have to wait as long for the third one. We should start a separate thread to tell about the video.

It’s fun seeing a crowd of unicyclists watch something like this for the first time. You get all the reactions together. The two most common sounds are hard to spell:

“Oooohhhh!” for cool tricks.

And something like “Aaaaaooooowwww!” on the biffs.

Not to mention the laughs on the funny bits, like Dan unexpectedly dropping out of site off a wall with the Seattle skyline in the background. If you like extreme unicycling, this video will be a must-have. It’s expected to be available just in time to order it for Christmas… :slight_smile:

That concluded our Saturday. The bill in the restaurant was for 79 people. Though some were spouses and other family members, that’s still some kind of record for MUni Weekends. I just wish I knew who a few more of those 79 people were! :roll_eyes:

I’ll try to write Sunday tomorrow…

Sounds like you all had a fantastic time- I am so envious!!! Especially in the deluging rain in Vancouver right now (some places got over 200mm of rain in 24 hours last weekend).

Kris Holm

Because I had taken a shorter route I got to town before the main group and was blown away when they all came riding up like a true muni militia one wheel death squad, imagine about 2 dozen riders in full armor covered in dust rolling into this small western town.
The Power of One

Re: California Mountain Unicycle Weekend Report

I’ll jump in and confirm the rousing success/happy people element, at least from my view. I had a blast. Highlights for me:

Riding the quarry at Rockville. Some of the lines I successfully rode were similar to challenges that I couldn’t ride six months ago at Moab. First inkling that my skills are slowly improving.

Deciding at the last second to forgoe the shuttle on Saturday, and making the 1000 foot climb. I was sucking wind and had to walk some of it, but I made it without having John Hooten nipping at my heels during his sweep.

The amazing Confluence downhill that followed that 1000 foot climb. This may have been the best single muni ride I’ve ever done.

Finally getting to check out the famed Foss Garage. Wow.

Watching Lloyd Johnson construct an entire trials playground out of the back of his pickup truck, including full stairs, skinny bars, a rainbow, teeter totters, ramps, you name it. Requests for stunts not already built prompted immediate construction with his pile of spare lumber and battery-powered friggin’ circular saw.

Watching Dustin Kelm nail a backwards ride down the above-referenced stairs. And nail long stillstands just about everywhere.

Hearing the creak of Jack Hughes’s profiles behind me going up a steep hill…an early warning system that I was about to be blown by at amazing speed.

Watching the Next Gen do some amazing hopping and dropping.

The quality hang. Unicyclists are such great, varied, interesting people. Great comaraderie the whole weekend. Really enjoyed the time I spent with Myo, Jack, Cliff, the Johns, the Mikes, Stoltfus x 3, The Texans, The Telluriders, Jagur and Dudley, the Hoovers, and everyone else I’m neglecting to mention by name.

Can’t wait for Moab in the spring…

shame to miss that,while on I-5.

The weekend was a fantastic experience for me. It was impressive to see that many people who ride so well.

Special thanks to:
John Foss for the great organization, and for worrying so much about me riding on my messed up knee.

John and Sue Hooten for allowing us to stay at their home and helping us/me with food, ice packs, and medical advice. Great people.

Matt Wilhelm (Myocardial) for providing good conversation when I was having to sit out the Friday ride. It really helped. Also for the shuttling you did. I am hoping we can get together for a ride sometime.

Embararrassing moments:

  1. Being the first to get hurt.

  2. Explaining the sport of Muni to someone in the parking lot, then finding out I am talking to Geoffrey Faraghan, long-time muniist and maker of the Telford unicycle. (We had a really good conversation after that, on a whole different level)

  3. Getting an award for having a failed body part.

My fellow Texans, Eric and Jerry, were great to hang with the whole trip. John Childs was a great room mate, and he travels very well prepared so he is good to have around. But man, do his shoes stink. :astonished: Bevan (Gerblefranklin) is as full of … information and advice… in person as he is on the forum, but he is a smart kid and a great rider. I think Jerry and Eric’s constant semantics badgering finally beat Bevan into submission.

It was great to meet everyone, but especially those frequent posters who we all feel we already know, but whose online personas my not always match the in-the-flesh version. For instance, Jagur is a really nice guy!:smiley: I wish I would have had more time to hang with him and DudleyDoRide. Oh and thanks for having ibuprofen when I really needed it.

I was really happy to meet Nathan, Beau, and Grace, and they were the friendly, easy going people I knew they would be. I didn’t get around to telling Nathan this, but watching the “Unizaba” trailer of him and Kris 2 years ago is what got me into muni, so it was an honor to meet him. Kris, I wish you could have been there.

Scott Cooper and Dustin Kelm were both great to talk to, and humble also. Tom Holub, Scott Arnold, Carl Hoyer, Hans Van Koppen, Tom Blackwood, Eyal Aharoni, all good people that I got to spend at least a little time talking to.

There are still others I would like to mention, but this post is getting long. Maybe I will add more later.

Request: It would be great if everyone would post a photo of themselves in the faces gallery so we can remember the names of the people we met, or look up the names of those we saw but did not meet. I will do it if you will.

I am very much looking forward to John Foss and others putting up galleries of their photos from the weekend. I will get mine up today or tomorrow.


Sounds like everyone had an awesome time! I really wish I could have been there, but instead I was having fun writing mid-term exams! Maybe next year…


Sunday: Downieville

Sunday was an EARLY morning. Our projected departure time was 6:30, to get there in time to set up for 10:00 shuttle rides. It’s a 100 mile drive with lots of windy road, so we started by consolidating ourselves into as few vehicles as necessary. At my house, with the help of the Scott and Eyal mobile (pickup), we were able to put all the MUnis in there with the two of them, and 7 riders in my Caravan. The three guys from Canada rode in their Canadiamobile.

We arrived in Downieville before 9:30, where I started making sure everyone was hooked up with one shuttle or the other, and figuring out how many would be left over. This was kind of impossible, because not everyone was there yet. So the first 19 available people were loaded into the bus from Downieville Outfitters and sent on their way.

Then we had 12 seats reserved on the Yuba Expeditions van (and one poor bicyclist). When the van was finally loaded and we went to pile in, there were 14 of us. Hmm. We crammed in anyway, and experienced the drive from the point of view of a world-class downhill racer who drives the route nearly every day for a living. FFAAAASSTT! Scott and Eyal, with the extra cycles, struggled to keep up. I didn’t realize there was another vehicle behind them, containing Scot Cooper, Deseree, and Hans Van Koppen. They missed a turn and were lost for a while. I should have provided driving directions to the Packer Saddle starting point…

Anyway, not including the 2 lost riders, we seemed to have 34 riders assembled at the top of the trail. Wow! The guys at Yuba Expeditions didn’t believe me when I told them I wanted to reserve all seats, and I didn’t believe that big group! 36 including Scot and Hans, who started about an hour later, and 37 including Zach Jucha, who rode from the bottom. But off we went.

The most notable thing about the Downieville Downhill, from a unicyclists perspective, is the “down.” Funny the town’s name is Downieville. You ride more than 4000’ downhill to get back there from the Sierra Buttes.

Not just downhill, but downhill with plenty of technical sections. Some places, like where you first hit the dirt after riding on a paved park road, are just plain steep. But most are rocky, with steep sections. And plenty of gnarly sections, water crossings, and even an area where a little stream runs down the center of the trail. The easiest line is to just ride right down the middle!

As the organizer, I was worried about people getting broken down or injured, and having to walk a long way to get out. I was especially concerned about Scott Wallis with his injured knee, and tried to talk him out of doing the ride from the top. Fortunately he was in better shape than I thought, and he did just fine.

Once we got going, I was worried about the front riders not stopping. I thought they’d stop for fun at the technical sections, and we’d then urge them on as the group caught up. But we never caught up to the Trials guys and other fast riders at the front.

I heard a rumor they were going to stop at “the bridge.” The only bridge I remember along the ride was one that was way down th trail, past much of the best technical sections. But then there we were, at the bridge with everyone waiting. That old metal bridge, which carries the trail across the river, only seemed far from previous rides, because we stopped a lot along the way to it.

I asked Ryan Atkins why the front riders didn’t spend more time playing on the technical rock sections, and his reply was something like “We seemed to clear pretty much everything on the first try.” Grr. I’ll have to change my expectations for the future. And keep practicing!

At the bridge we did some group photos, and watched Ryan, who appears to have a nuclear power source or something, while he hopped all over the rocks in the river while the rest of us ate and rested. After this it was less than 6 miles to the road crossing along the 2nd Divide Trail, or less than 4 on the 3rd Divide. 3rd Divide was the easier way out, where you could wait and get picked up by one of our shuttle drivers, Matt Wilhelm or Mr. Colegrove (father of Tim from CT). I think only three people opted to go that route, and some or all of them continued riding, and didn’t take the shuttle.

Everyone else took the 2nd Divide, and rode lots of rocky ups & downs along Pauley Creek. Way above Pauley Creek, that is. Eric Lancaster lost his unicycle over the side; a “cliffside retrieval” of maybe 80’ or so. Just as he was helped back onto the trail with his unicycle, John Hooten lost his grip on his helmet, which plummeted down a similar distance. I heard of at least one other cliffside retrieval along that section. I don’t think any of the cycles, or riders, were damaged.

After lots more challenging trail riding, with plenty of tough ups & downs, the trail finally emerged onto the dirt road. This was a pickup point, where weary riders could be given a ride back to town. Much to my amazement, hardly anyone rode in the cars! I was one of the few, as I thought I should be back at the town and mobile in case people needed more rides or other help.

By the time Mr. Colegrove and I stopped back at the restaurant near where we’d all parked, I saw Tom Acevedo and Dan Wilson already there. Tom had been the first rider out, after taking the 3rd Divide and then riding the dirt road down to the 1st Divide and taking both sections of that trail down into town. Soon after, large groups of unicyclists started coming down the street, to the stares of the locals. I think a lot of the locals knew we were coming, from seeing the Sacramento Bee article that was in that day’s paper. They’re used to seeing lots of mountain bikes every day, but hardly ever unicyclists!

We waited around a while to make sure everyone got out. We heard from bikers that Scot and Hans had gotten started about an hour behind the group, and they were okay. Some riders opted to get food in town, while my group decided to head down to where there were more choices. Most riders had come out of the trail by 4:00.

Oddly, there followed a repeat of the meal experience from an earlier MUni Weekend. I think it was '97 when we stopped at the Chevy’s in Auburn, to find out the wait was too long. Then, to make a long story short, we ended up at the same Chinese buffet place we had stopped at after being turned away from the same Chevy’s in '97!

As it was at the first MUni Weekend, the weather was unseasonably hot this weekend. In '96, the highs were in the upper 90s and the day after the weekend was over, the temperature topped 100. This time we were a little later in the year, and seemed to have mid to upper 80s. Yesterday (Tuesday) was a new record at 93 (from 90 in 1929) so summer ain’t over here. That’s why we like doing MUni Weekend a little later in the season. Next year it will probably be in September, however, so we can ride the lifts at Northstar, or possibly a different ski mountain.

It’s Wednesday now, and I can pretend to walk and function normaly, but it still hurts. I’m definitely better than I was yesterday. After my first Downieville ride, which was in 99, I was sore for a week, my worst-ever muscle soreness. It pays to be in better shape, and spend less time playing on the technical spots!

Please post your own stories of the MUni Weekend.

i still dont know what to think about the whole trip…it was fun and all but a bit was also really hot!

it was quite the adjustment to meet people without sig lines and avitars.i would have never known i was talking to S_Wallis if he didnt tell me i was.

maybe im just paranoid but i felt like some people were avoiding extended conversation with me?aside from that i did have great conversations with S_Wallis,Myocardial(my anchovie brother),Gerbal and Scot Cooper who found me at the bar and made me pay for all the negative things ive ever said about Cokers :stuck_out_tongue:


we got there late,right after the film crew left.the sun was cookin down and they dont call it Rockville for nothing.most of the trail was rock.the ups and downs were steep,rocky and mostly unridable on my 29er.a couple of points were way to crowded with no one in the front who knew which way to go,it seemed like i was stopping every 10 meters.there was also the problem of a crowd of unicyclists hanging around the bottom of every hill! it wasnt there fault though since there was a fork at the end of every hill too,and we didnt know if it was left or right. :frowning: between the jagged rocks,the steep hills and being behind the One Wheeled Willys on their 20’s (dont get behind anyone on a 20 if you have 29er) total ride time for me was about 30 minutes.most folks saw me walking.


DDR and I arrived late (again) missed the hill climb,but i wouldnt have competed anyhow since its not my thing.after lathering up with Tom Blackwood’s sun screen we shuttled up to the top.some others chose to ride up.

as we all grouped up on top it was finally time to go down!YEAH,i could finally enjoy my unicycle.the trail was wide enough to blast by people on the 29er.i was blasting by Gilby and totaly got ejected into the air and flew like superman into a judo roll.i thought i had popped my camel back i landed so hard.i ran into S_Wallis later and got payed back with Motren for the Advil i had given him the day before…my shoulder still hurts today.

(we didnt go to Granite Bay)

the most fun was the Pizza party in which we arrived early for once.its to bad we couldnt have all stayed there was shut down because of the big downhill ride happening the next a way i felt that Downville kinda made the week-end too conservative.i felt it affected the enjoyment level of the 1st two rides and the party since most people knew a 17 miler was looming ahead,but for somone like me who wasnt doing that ride it was kind of annoying.alot of Party time was taking up just discussing “tommorrow’s ride” i went and watched the baseball game.i just wish it could have lasted longer,after all we had no time limit.

one more thing,there is no way that all the people there Saturday night were registared.i only got 4 slices of pizza.all you mouthes that didnt pay should feel ashamed.

side notes
1.i was the only one with a muni militia shirt.
2.cell phone coverage infests every square foot of Rockville and Auburn
3.its legal for motorcycles to split lanes on the freeway (insane!)
4.the Hunter frame owns the Cali turf.there were so many.
5.some people did’nt carry any water…!?
6.i had J-Foss autograph my new dual-cassette player
7.some people have the most ungodly looking air seats.

I’ve got pictures!
My California Muni Weekend photos are posted in my gallery.

I was more interested in riding than taking photos. I didn’t get as many photos as I should have. If John Foss was already taking pictures at a location I usually didn’t bother to take my camera out. Wait for John Foss’ pictures to get a more complete photo documentation of the rides.

wheres the one of me flipping off your camera?

More pics and vids:

All teh videos are sideways and I can’t get virtual dub to rotate them and output them cleanly. If anyone is better at doing this and wants to rotate them, I’d appreciate it.

Jagur feeling good

The photo is backlit so it didn’t come out too clearly.

I barely got a chance to talk to some of the attendees, including Jagur and Gene (Dudley). People may have kept their distance because of the general negativity of your posts (including this one). Not to burst everyone’s bubble, but Jagur seemed much nicer in person!

Sorry about that. You guys probably didn’t get a copy of the park map I handed out to people in the morning. The original idea was that people could ride wherever they wanted, and that was a tour of the most technical areas. It left an image of a park full of super-hard trails, but we were just on the very hardest ones. There are so many side trails in there, even the maps don’t include them all.

Hope that’s feeling better than my quads by now. Your description is one of the reasons I like my Camelbak, even though it’s expensive. Those things are tough!

Unfortunately we were paying for the room by the hour. I should have mentioned to people that they were welcome to stay in the main part of the restaurant and listen to the band.

For those that rode Downieville, at least the ones without brakes, hopefully the choice of Sunday for that ride makes sense to you. Normally we would put an experts-only ride like that on Friday, and it would fit the schedule better. I was just worried that too many people would be blown out by that ride, and more tired or sore than they’d like to be on the following days. However it looks like most of you proved me wrong, finishing the ride quite quickly and looking pretty fresh considering!

For those that planned not to go on Sunday I’m sure it took away from the experience, as Downieville was the featured ride of the weekend. You should have gone to Granite Bay.

I don’t know how the gracious host is supposed to react to this situation, but yes, this is true. Also I have pictures of one guy on the trail that nobody could identify. So I guess I should just say thanks to all the people who paid their way, and understand that these things cost money.

I had a great time, Thanks John Foss, you rock, and thanks to Jess Riegel and his rad family for letting me stay at their house, which is amazing, and making us breakfast. I was kinda tired and whiney about it, and I broke my uni kinda bad, but I had an awesome time, and desperately want to ride Downieville again! That trail is so good it hurts (literally). I can’t wait to see the photo that John took of me jumping over Dustin. It was really cool to ride with everyone, and thanks also to Geoff Faragan for driving me around and spotting me dough for a pot pie, can’t wait till my MUni is fixed so we can ride in the EB hills! I’ll hopefully see some of you at the Toque trials event, which by the way Carl Hoyer, do you have any ideas about where some US riders (such as myself) could stay if we came up there? Any hospitable Canadanians you know of? I really want to go to that event, and my partner wants to come too. Any way, Bye! -Mike from Oaktown

Mike, It’s a bummer to hear your nice Hunter got broken. I’m assuming that was Sunday since it seemed complete after Auburn. Not to dredge up any pain for you, but as a fellow Hunter owner it would be interesting to know what broke (and what it took to break it).

For thoes who cant see it as well…

oh boy, :roll_eyes: