California Mountain Unicycle Weekend 2008 - San Diego

Hi Everyone!

I am hosting (with the help of the SDuni club and a few other people) This years CMW, in San Diego.

There isn’t too much online yet, except the dates (October 17th to 19th), which you can see on John Foss’ website,, and I have a blog for it here.

Contact me if you have any questions (, and I’ll try to get as much information online as I can, as quick as I can.

Thanks, and hope to see you there.
Miles Ornish


Please, check it out, and if your planning on coming register ASAP.

Thanks and see you there!

mornish at gmail dot com

Hi Miles and anyone else…
Any chance of an '09 CMW???
It sounds like a blast and I would love to jump on board.

i dont meen to surprise you, but… we are in the year 2009. haha

Oooooops… My bad. I meant 2010 but even with that…I should have been asking about 2011 as well.