California Mountain Unicycle Weekend - 2007 - Santa Cruz

I feel like a cheater…but are there any extra t-shirts?

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, buddy, i tied for first in the expert trials comp with bevin…so pretty sure that you won the novice…

No, Miles was definitely an expert, maybe third though.

Unfortunately, no – we’ve sold them all. They were a hot item, I guess :slight_smile:


Did Miles have to hop up a big stack of pallets, and/or do pedal grabs to rubber? Can someone who was there give a dteailed description of the trial course? Also how many attempts were allowed, and how much time to complete all the attempts?

Unlimited attempts per obstacle. Time limit approximately 90 minutes.

Corbin posted photos of the course prior to the event. There was even an entire thread dedicated to the course:

Here’s the gallery:


hey bruthas, does anyone have some pics from the weekend? I really wanna see them…

36 lines. (i think)
90 minutes.
unlimited attempts and time to complete each attempt (within the 90min).
lots of skinnys, and a couple of nice gap/ up lines.

amazing place you have there. i want to go their when it is dry and ride sometime.

I will be posting photos of Sat and Sun tonight. I got some decent ones of the Trials Comp. Sorry for the delay.


I think i tied with you, bevin, and ben plotkin-swing for expert.

I had 21 lines I think.

I didnt ride novice because I won that last year…

great job on the course corbin!

Thanks man! It’s cool to connect a lot of the online names with faces. I should have guessed some of them, like mornish is ‘miles ornish’.

people are welcome to come back and ride some more. I’ll post to my mailing list when we do rides/trials: and

The 36 lines included a few that were double lines (ie: one way, and then the other way). one line was closed (too wet/dangerous)…so maybe it was 35. The mud made it really hard. Lines which I had found easy to do became impossible for me. Note that I was mostly watching, since i had pre-ridden most all the course :slight_smile:


I did post a few pics online, but they are of just me and Louise, on Sunday, doing trials at the jetty:

I was riding instead of taking pictures, but I always like to get a few of me :slight_smile:

Excellent weekend all around. So it was a bit wet at first. C’est la vie.
Terry, the trials course was extremely difficult. While I didn’t spend much time watching other riders, I did have a number of observations about it myself:

The difficulty of the obstacles varied from trivially easy to impossibly difficult given the conditions. The wet ground however made every one of the lines significantly harder that my first appraisal indicated. Surprisingly, many of the lines seemed easier on a 24" muni with 170 cranks than on a 19" uni.

The lines really varied, which was nice. Some of the skinnies and ladder bridges were very scary to fall from, but not impossible to ride. None of the hopping lines involved huge moves, which was awesome. While some other riders certainly made good utility of the pedalgrab, it was really nice that any rider with a solid 30" sidehop could easily have the option of going to rubber on every obstacle. Any rider with a 20" sidehop and good pedalgrab would have easily been in contention for first. (Not that it’s important, but I remember the scores being Justin and me tied for first, and Miles and Ben tied for third)

The muni rides were amazing. I really enjoyed splitting off into small groups to keep the trails from clogging, and it was nice to spend time on a difficult section of trail without feeling like a showoff to 50 other riders. My favorite part of the weekend had to be the last day’s morning rides. The mix of incredibly steep trails along with fast, rolling downhills was just excellent, and the weather only made it nicer.

I look forward to riding with many of you again. If you’re ever in the bay area or philyl area and want to ride, send me an e-mail. Schoolwork can usually wait.

na man, me and bevin tied for first, u and ben for 2nd

Trials Comp results

Here they are, in their entirety, the CMW 2007 trials competition results!

Expert class:

  1. Bevan Gerber-Siff (23 lines)
  2. Justin Abbot (23 lines)
  3. Ben Plotkin-Swing (21 lines)
  4. Miles Ornish (21 lines)
  5. Cody Williams (20 lines)
  6. Brian Brysen (20 lines)
  7. Teddy Ressler (19 lines)
  8. Jeff Prosa (16 lines)
  9. Dennis D’Alfonso (14 lines)
  10. Joseph Campbell (13 lines)
  11. Brian Maw (12 lines)
  12. Sam Anderson-Moxley (11 lines)
  13. Brian Lundgren (7 lines)

Novice class:

  1. Jamey Mossengren (10 lines)
  2. Matt Aaron (10 lines)
  3. Kevin Chang (10 lines)
  4. Spencer Hochberg (10 lines)
  5. Tyler Wail (8 lines)
  6. Daniel Rorquer (8 lines)
  7. Mike Menichini (8 lines)
  8. Rod Wylie (5 lines)
  9. Brandon C. (3 lines)

My apologies to those whose names I’ve mangled.

There were many ties for the top three places in each class, so we settled those ties with a one-on-one tug-o-war where each contestant stood on top of a bucket. Other ties were not resolved.

Also, riders chose their own class at the start of the competition. The comp was no different for each class; all riders had access to all lines and everyone competed at the same time.

Congratulations to everyone!

hmmm, w/e i guess.

im still think it was a four way tie thougj.

you spelled my name with a W instead of an N i’m Tyler Nail i have terrible hand writing i know
EDit: mostly my fault i had also crumpled it in my pocket and fell on it several times so it would probably make it really hard to read

Apology accepted. You really hosed up the spelling of my name. I entered as PHLEGM. :wink:

CMW 2007 photos…

Hi everyone,

Here’s a set of Photos from my cellphone camera, so a little fuzzy.


2007 CMW Racing Results

Here are the racing results for both races held Friday at De Laveaga Park (apologies if I screwed up any names…)

MUNI (24") Race:

01 16:10.8 Beau Hoover
02 16:11.0 Ben Plotkin-Swing
03 18:00.8 Bevan Gerber-Siff
04 18:01.0 Justin Abbott
05 19:05.0 Corbin Dunn
06 19:57.0 Tom Holub
07 21:12.0 Cody Williams
08 21:25.0 Scott Bond
09 21:30.0 Carl Hoyer
10 21:35.0 Kevin Chang
11 21:39.0 Daniel Forquer
12 21:43.0 Eric Mango Doane
13 23:04.0 Hans Van Koppen
14 23:45.0 Lloyd Johnson
14 23:45.0 Scott Berelson
16 23:58.0 Eyal Aharoni
17 24:04.0 Richard Sherwood
18 24:50.0 Kyle Johnson
19 24:55.0 Sam Anderson-Moxely
20 25:13.0 Dennis D’Alfonso
21 25:15.0 Spencer Hochberg
22 25:30.0 Shawn Hayford
23 25:47.0 Miles Ornish
24 25:56.0 Matt Aaron
25 25:56.3 Jason Wieske
26 26:48.0 Eric Kvamme
27 27:32.0 Dani Myers
28 27:37.0 Kari Johnson
29 28:33.0 Jim Sowers
30 28:53.0 Carol Bricker
31 29:18.0 Joshua Sprague
32 30… Aaron Needles
33 30… Julian Lim

BIG WHEEL (29/36") MUNI Race:

1 15:06 Beau Hoover
2 17:24 Nathan Hoover
3 17:34 Corbin Dunn
4 19:27 Kevin Chang
5 23:06 Tom Holub
6 25:34 Louise Lovell

7 18:28 Richard Sherwood (took shortcut!)


I’ll post Saturday and Sunday photos in a couple of hours.