California Mountain Unicycle Weekend 2007 - Santa Cruz

Hi All,
I’m starting the thread for this years “California Mountain Unicycle Weekend”, in Santa Cruz, CA. We are working on getting the info on John’s site,, but we also want people to start planning so they can make it.

Dates: Oct 12-14, 2007
Where: Santa Cruz, CA

This year, we will be doing regular muni rides in conjunction with Coker muni rides!

Camping Recommendation:

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

We will NOT reserve any campsites, and they will go fast! Please reserve a site early.

Hotel Recommendations:

Scott’s Valley Hilton. 10 double rooms reserved at $119.

This is a nice hotel, albeit expensive, but they are giving us a discount if you say you are with the “mountain unicycle group”. We will recommend some lower-cost hotels in the near future.

Tentative schedule (short descriptions):

Morning: Races at De Laveaga (Muni and Coker), pizza lunch
Afternoon: Muni: Wilder Ranch, Old Cabin Trail + lower Mailboxes
Afternoon: Coker: Rob’s Ride (normal route)

Morning: Coker: Nisene Marks to Sand Point
Morning: Muni: Soquel Demo Forest: Braille trail
Afternoon: Corbin/Louise’s house: Street Comp
Dinner: Banquet: Arranged at a local Brewery

Morning: Muni: Nisene Marks
Morning: Coker: Rob’s Ride Plus (Moore Ranch Rd option)
Afternoon: Trials at Santa Cruz Jetty (as seen in Defect, etc)
Dinner: Dinner at Seabright Brewery

– corbin, jason, louise, nathan, john foss (your organizers for '07)

Will there be any regular street coker rides? My 36-er has the TA tire which won’t work for muni, unless it’s hard pack single track. I would also have to get longer cranks but that’s no problem.

just wondering, would there be a way to hit both the muni, and the coker ride in the same day?


Im there.

Well, several things: The regular TA tire will work for Coker muni. Several of us ride with them and have no problems with any of the trails. The only time when they might not do as well, is if it was really muddy and wet out (which, it won’t be in Oct), or sandy (which it isn’t).

But! having said that, most of the coker rides involve some street riding, but all of them will be mostly offroad.

Regarding cranks: The Rob’s Ride is doable with 125mm cranks, but most people prefer 152’s. The Nisene Coker ride probably requires 152’s. I don’t think any of us in the area use anything larger on a regular basis.


Unfortunately, not really; they are usually happening in tandem. But, on Friday you could do the Coker race in the morning, and the afternoon Muni ride. Also, some of the things (like the street comp, trials time) are for both Coker/Muni riders (however, not many people will be using their Coker for street or trials).



howabout planning a nighttime coker cruise ride.

I’m also assuming that you would use less psi in the TA Tire for coker muni? I currently run about 45psi but all of my riding is on smooth, mostly flat concrete beach path. I can’t see doing coker muni with that much psi as the tire would be like a brick rolling over the smallest rock. :astonished: So I’m guessing maybe 30 psi for me; I weigh 145lbs.

Okay, Cool!


What’s closer any beach camping campgrounds or driving up to Felton to Henry Cowell state Park?


Definitely a possibility. We are also curious about how many people are planning on bringing their coker’s to the event.


Yup; you are right – I think we generally run lower PSI for muni than street rides (for both kinds of tires). I’m pretty lame about checking mine for my Coker; basically, if it isn’t flat, I don’t pump it up. I can check next time and see what we are running (I have a stock tire, and my girlfriend has a TA tire – we almost always ride together).

Coker muni is a TON of fun! flying down single tracks and offroad is a blast. Of course, they aren’t as durable as muni’s, and I frequently bend my steel cranks. Last Wed, I bent them going down a 1.5’ drop. If I had aluminum, I’m sure they would break.


is there a trials comp?

Hi Rod,
We will be doing some rides in Soquel Demo forest in the santa cruz mountains – Henry Cowell is sort of in the middle from the locations. New Brighton beach ( ) has great camping, but they are already booked! You might be able to see if anything opens up there. Manresa State Beach has camping, but it is quite a ways south of from any of the rides we are going to do ( ).

Big Basin Redwoods State Park ( ) has camping too, but it is further inland than Henry Cowell.

People are welcome to find whichever camping area they think is best.


We are opting for just a street comp this year, on Saturday afternoon. However, there will be trials-like things to play on.

On Sunday, we will have a trials afternoon at the Santa Cruz Jetii (as seen in Defect, Zach Baldwin’s section),but it isn’t a comp, since it is is the last day of the event.


UH OH! I better get into shape! This is right in my neighborhood, I’d be silly to miss this one.

Maybe one more reason to get a 36er soon? :smiley:

Those who might be coming in from out of town, please note that the Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival is the preceding weekend (October 5-7). The Festival will have big wheel rides, MUni rides, a great public show, unicycle games and more. In the week between the two events, we’re going to have plenty of informal unicycle events for anyone who’s around. Come in for the whole week!

why so a street comp and no trials? trials did come first and a lot of people do ride it. it is cool their will be a street comp. the trials obstcles will be cool though.

Several reasons; we can really only have one comp event due to time constraints and a street comp is easier than a trials comp. Another major reason is liability; we will be doing it at my house, and trials has more potential for people getting hurt than street riding does.

The schedule is still flexible; if more people want a trials comp, we can work it in instead. Are you saying you’d rather have that than a street comp?



Thanks for letting me know that Henry Cowell is our best bet for camping.

This goes out to Corbin or anyone who is familiar with the campground at Henry Cowell State Park. Can anyone PM me with some good sites to try at that campground?


I’ll get some maps, etc, and recommend some locations (soon!). I can also do a drive by (maybe this sunday).


WOOOO! SWEET! My favorite time of year!

Count me in!, but probably coker-less :frowning: But most certainly Muni-ful!:smiley: