California here we come! LA- 2/20 - 2/25/2011

Hello all you LA area riders.

My family will be in Santa Monica 2/20 - 2/25/2011. I will be bringing a unicycle, probably my KH24, since it travels so well.

I’d love to schedule a muni ride with you peoples, preferably sometime mid-week.


Steve, I’m in Orange County and would love to ride with you. Friday works or else it would have to be night. I do have extra lights.

Where in LA will you be? I’m sure Terry will chime in and we could get a group.

Nights are no prob. I have a decent headlamp, which I’ll bring if need be.

I would be in for a night ride. Jim, where were you thinking? Most of the usual rides don’t allow night riding.

OK, it looks like there will be at least some early morning rides with Ilan, including a big climbing called “Doheney”. I’d love to do at least one major muni ride, Thurs Feb 24, if anyone’s around. Ilan can’t do any during the weekdays. We’re leaving Friday, so it looks like Thurs is the day I have to do a big ride.

Anyone available?

Hello, I live in Santa Barbara, I’d love to go, but that is the last week of my classes, so most likely I will be super busy. If all things go well however, I will have finished everything before that point, but that is doubtful.

I would but I actually don’t even know how to ride a unicycle. Just trying to be cool online you know.

If my schedule frees up I will try to learn and join you guys. :wink:

Wait is this a joke, or do you really now know? You lost me

All bets are off on anything I post past midnight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course I ride unicycles!

Phew, I was worried for a moment, we were going to have to drive you out with pitchforks.

Another one of those kind of parties… :frowning:

It looks like Terry (MuniAddict) and I are going to meet at the infamous Fargo Street Hill, Weds. (2/23) at 10AM.

It is (out of the way) on my way to work. May be able to stop by…

OK, Tuesday, 2/22, 5:50AM, me and Ilan will be climbing Doheney hill, about a 3 mile, 1100 ft vertical road ride. We’re starting at 5:50 AM 2/22 at 325 Arnaz Dr. (zip 90048)

If anyone wants to join, you can call my cell: 518-229-2320, or just show up.

Terry - when I fail on Fargo the next day, I’ll have a built-in excuse, now.

No problem, I’ll just come do Doheney with you! We’ll just consider it a warm up, albeit a very little one! Based on your estimate of distance and elevation gain for Doheney, the grade is a mere 6.9%! :slight_smile:

PS: What size unis will you be riding? And why so early!? :astonished: :thinking: Since you will be done with that ride probably even before 6am, we could go ride Sullivan canyon after that! From there it’s only a few minutes away!

Are you guys still rocking Fargo Street on Wed. ?

Early, because it’s Ilan’s pre-work ride. I’ll have to see if a) my family’s plans allow for a later return, and 2) I still have any energy left - Ilan sounds like he goes up as hard as he can - he mentioned 190 heart-rate.

Yeah, planning on it.

190 would be a MAX hr for someone 30 years old. (220-age…there other similar formulas, but this is most common.) Ilan is quite a but older I believe, so 190 is highly doubtful; and if he somehow does max at 190, that would be downright dangerous! :astonished:

I think he’s a cardiologist, so I wouldn’t be worried :stuck_out_tongue: