California Get Together!

I plan on getting a group of riders together on February 6th-8th around there. Come and ride! We will be riding trials in the legendary downtown Fresno, and some SICK natural trials spots.
if you wanna see how i ride, go to vimeo and search “joe campbell”.
I love to learn and teach new stuff and there will be challenges for all skill levels for sure.
Let me know
pm me for my phone number

California is a big state, you need to specify north, south or central, preferably in subject heading.

Maybe they’re going to ride all over Fresno? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just curious. Have you secured permission to ride in any of these spots?

I’d love to come and ride, but not if we’re doing it illegally. Even if we don’t get ticketed, it sucks to get kicked out of a spot before you can clean your lines :slight_smile:

To all of you in Fresno, you are a mere 590 mile drive from Phoenix. You should consider coming to the first AZMW on Feb 13-15. We’d love to have you. - Mark

If your concerned about the legality of our riding:
I do not have any permits to ride in any of these spots but many are designated mountain or trials bike areas. So permits are not necessary or anything out of the ordinary. Also, we might be hitting up a Trials course here in Fresno. Not only is it legal, but it is encouraged!
If anyone is uncomfortable about hitting up an urban environment just let me know, and since theres plenty of other places to ride we will just go to a place where theres zero chance of somebody telling is to “move on” or “you cant ride here” etc. No big deal, just let me know! :slight_smile:
Come on out and learn/teach something new about trials!
Riding options include:
Millerton Lake
Pine Flat Lake
Downtown Fresno
Woodward Trials course
Lost lake

pm me for my cell number

Wild wheels “in the wind”…Get out IN it

Hey Joseph, I’m the new guy on “this” particular block, unicyclist since…1975?
I found your videos b4 I found this cool forum site. Both Good stuff.
I’m in Fresno, and have access to a private motocross/trials track we can ride Unicycles on, near Clovis ave. and HWY 99. And we have a TT dirt track available at Caruthers Fairgrounds thats not being used. Sound Interesting?
My original plan was to search for local uni riders, people and places to ride.
And to list my cool uni that’s for now for sale. It IS cool.
While looking for a decent replacement, Thinking 24"-26".
Well we all have great stories, So I’m keeping it short for now. I always look for new uni’s in bike shops, But we all know, “on site selection” is weak at best. Cudo’s to the administrator of this site. Well done.
So hey, Did you ever succeed in your informal unicycle meet? Plan another?