California 24 Hours event May 1, 2010

Last month at the Global Biorhythms Knickerbocker 8 hour race in Cool, California, the organizer told us that he would sponsor an all-unicycle team in his 24 Hour Race next May by giving us free entry.

I just had some mail from him where he says the event is limited to 700 riders and will fill up quickly. So he wants to know if we are in. Here is the website: - he has the podium photo of the unicyclists up there. Lots of info about the race etc (2009 version) here:

Can I get a show of hands of those who would be interesting in competing? We would need 5 racers, plus someone to do support for the team (I’d do it if no one else wants to).


You had me at “free.” I’m in.

Me Me Me!

1/5 of 24 hours? Or 1/5 of 8 hours (he offered that too).

Or 5 solo 24 hour racers? Okay, not me…

To be clear, there are two races: 8 and 24 hours. Of course we’ll do the 24 hour one. Why go to all the trouble of going there for just 8 hours? We can triple our pleasure for the same cost.


I’ve got the same questions John has. What exactly does this entail? Each rider riding for 24 hours or five riders riding for 1/5 of 25 hours? I save 24 hour endurance feats for less dangerous activities like mountain climbing.:stuck_out_tongue:

Did someone say support? I’m a world-class unicycle race support person. My peanut-butter-and-jelly making skills are unparalleled! …or unperpendiculared. However that goes.

Do we get a minivan for the event? I’m a world-class unicycle race support minivan driver, too.

5 man team. Ride one 11 or 12 mile lap, then hand the baton to the next guy. Repeat for 24 hours. Big goal: beat some bike teams. To do that, we have to ride all night - no slacking. That means we need lighting systems and people without experience riding at night have to practice beforehand. It is really FUN!

Here are some of my 24 Hour photo albums:

Laguna Seca, Calif 2002: (first ever north american unicycle team racing for 24 hours)
Laguna Seca, Calif 2003: (two teams)

New Zealand 2004: (two soloists plus two teams)
Laguna Seca 2004:
Toronto 2004: (three teams)
Toronto 2005: (three teams and a soloist)

We also did the Red Bull race in England in 2004 and the guys there have been doing that race each year (I think including 2009).

This stuff is epic!


I would love to race. It sounds pretty awesome.

I’m in, if being extremely competitive is not a requirement. I’m not fast, but am pretty determined.

I have lights. I’m planning to do a solo 24 in two weeks, though I’ll probably actually race about 12 of those hours–I just want to give the night racing a try, and I missed out on an annual 8-hour race last month. I’m in no shape to actually ride for 24 hours solo. :o

Hi Nathan,
It’s eight days after my wedding but count me in. I love riding the 36er and would like to branch out into offroading. I would assume you were riding 150’s. Is that true? Put me on the list. Sounds like a lot of fun. I love passing bikes on the uphills.


Yes, the 4 of us on 36ers were using 150mm cranks. 3 of us were geared up - that was very exciting riding those trails in the big gear! After the first lap you learn where you have to shift down in advance. There was a paved section about 1/2 mile long, first up, then down. On the down Corbin was hitting 22 and I was hitting 20. Who knows how fast Beau was going!

The course is nice, but there are sections (at least one section) that isn’t really rideable, or at least not profitable to ride. That’s the only bummer on the course. Long sections are great though - I was shifting back and forth between high and low gears. Might have to use low gear for the night laps.

Dust on the course was kind of a problem when we raced there in Oct but they say sometimes in May the problem is the opposite - mud. One thing that will be nice in the 24 hour race is doing only one lap at a time. We did two laps back to back and it is harder to race that long at a time.

AJ, it would be fantastic to have you on the team - I think you’ll really like it. Just practice up riding bumpy singletrack at speed.


Sounds like fun! If there’s room, count me in. Sounds like there just might be enough enthusiasm for two teams.

I’ll do it.

Ok, based on the feedback here, I told the organizer that we are in for at least one 5-person (sorry I said ‘man’ above) team. The application process officially starts only in March which seems really late, but that’s what he says.

Normally we lose many interested people because of the approx $100/person entry fee, but this time we may well have more - it would be great to have two teams. I will try and find out how that would work (half off for everyone or free for everyone or what?)


If there are enough for a less competetive 2nd team I am in and it is a charity ride so I am good with paying an entry fee as well. I have raced in a dozen or so 24 hour team events on mtbs, it would be a blast to muni one.

Turns out I am going to be too busy to do this race. The organizer wrote me asking if we (an all unicycle team) are coming. Anyone else want to organize this? Post back here and I’ll send you the info you need.


oh man, I want to jump at this so bad, but I’m booked that weekend. grr. next time!