Cali Muni Weekend early registration almost expired

Notice: Early Registration for Cali Muni Weekend, at a discounted rate, expires this Wednesday, August 31st. So, this is a reminder to get those reg forms in to me, postmarked by Wedensday, if you want the few dollars off. Follow the instructions on the reg form for details,

Thanks, Can’t wait!

Mailed mine today

Ready to ROCK and ROLL!!!



Thanks for the reminder.
I mailed my check and registration form today also. I can’t wait for October to get here.
Brian Maw NJ

I thought I’d sent mine in way back when the registration forms first became available. I’m glad I checked! It’s in the mail now.

I’m working on finding out if I’ll have a vehicle available for shuttling. Jacquie says she’s fine with driving us up, so at the moment it’s looking like we’ll have a 7-passenger minivan to add to the group! She may have a friend with her, which cuts it down to 5 rider/passengers.

Looking for clarification on the prices for pre-post early registration dates. Before Sept. 1st it was 46 with the banquet and 30 without…After Sept. 1st is it 50 without the banquet? or still 30? Help me out here, I need to know how much to send in, but don’t plan on doing anything but hanging out and ride (i.e. no dinner parties etc.)


Thanks for the question, Jeremy, and sorry if it was confusing. If you’re not going to the banquet but plan on participating in the rides, then your registration cost is $30. I didn’t make any special conditions for people in this position because there are so few of you. But I’d still appreciate it if you could send it in sooner rather than later. Thanks!