Calgary Unicycle

just wondering if anyone in calgary unicycles in calgary i already know tons just never have gone for a unicycle with them im free for like ever so post any invitations

yo, i go to calgary fairly often, so when im at my sisters, we should get together and ride, im not sure when ill be there next…but meh, what kind of stuff do u like to ride.

Ummmm high drops freestyle riding up stairs riding down whatever can get me hurt :slight_smile: i did a roll in on my unicycle at millenium i ride along the side of a half pipe ollie onto the side onto my pedal and drop in i have accomplished it 5 times out of 15 :slight_smile: heheh theres to much stuff i do to name oh but i am working on grinds

im very impressed, you can freestlye while riding up stairs…:wink: