Calgary/Canmore - Rundle's Revenge

Hey all,

I’m planning on registering for a 25 km MTB race in Canmore this June. I’ve confirmed with the organizers that they’ll accept a unicycle entry. I chose it because it doesn’t look to be an ultra competitive race, and based on pictures and videos, it should be a good challenge without killing me.

That said, I’ve got a lot of work to do to get ready. I’ve never ridden 25 km in the mountains before, and my climbing needs a fair bit of work. The race starts with a climb, and I don’t want people to say “Look, it’s a guy WALKING a unicycle!” On top of that, I could stand to get better at some basic trials techniques to help prevent unnecessary dismounts on the trail

Is there anyone on here that lives in the Calgary area that would be up for some regular riding? I’ve got a couple of mountain biking friends, but it would be great for company and skill to ride with another unicyclist. I plan to get out at least once a week, which will probably be at Nose Hill Park until the snow melts in the mountains. Let me know if you want to join!

Too late?

It’s too late for your June race but I’d be up for getting out riding more. I’m in NW Calgary. Maybe squeeze in a couple rides before the weather goes blah?

I’m in canmore but always looking for people to ride with! the weathers still looking good…

Saturday (Nov 12) ride @ Tuscany Ravine?

It’s not Canmore but I was thinking about doing some riding in Tuscany (12 Mile Could) this Saturday if you happen to be in Calgary or anyone else sees this and wants to join.