Cal Muni Weekend

I had SUCH a blast this weekend

Thanks to Eyal, Hans, John Foss, all the organizers, and everyone who made this amazing event possible!

I’ll sure be sore after today’s ride. I had so much fun this weekend, it was cool meeting all sorts of new people and going very cool trails.

I strongly encourage everyone to come to next year’s, from anywhere in North America! There were people from Texas, the east coast and more this year!

Now, some questions:

Can everyone please post up their digital pix from the weekend’s events (I forgot my digital camera and just had a disposable for pix)

Also, Eyal, where did those videographer/photographers post their videos and pictures of the weekend’s events?

I’d love to see news about their documentary as well


My mom has a few, im not sure if there are any good ones, il send em to whoever wants to make a gallery for it or something…but ya, put something up so we can download them…

dude, that was the sickest most awesome thing i have ever been a part of…

thanks everyone who helped put it together! it was all great!

i had a blast!

Yeah, awesome weekend! Yeah, people put up pics!

It’s 1:00am, I’m tired, sore, and I can barely walk because my knee has gotten so bad, but I had an AWESOME weekend.

I’m uploading all of my pics and videos IN THIS GALLERY TO VIEW.

My favorite clip is of Jess Riegel riding into the water on the 26, along with Ben PS’s flying dismount on saturday’s technical ride.

I have quite a few videos of just walking around the group too, so unless someone was only attending on friday, I probably have you in my gallery somewhere.

Enjoy the 200-ish pics/videos.

cody and anyone else: you can send me your pictures and I’ll put them on my website.

Just zip them, and email them to me: cd at bluetreesoft dot com.

Great Pics Eric, Does anyone know how Trey is doing? That was a F***ing Big cliff he fell down onto rocks.

The half dozen of us Santa Barbara locals usually ride with a group of 3 or 4. This time we rode with 50—truly a fantastic experience. That nobody got hurt—despite some legendary falls off cliffs—is an indicator of the skill level. Folks were bombing the rocky single tracks like there was no tomorrow. To call that group gung-ho is to call the sun “kinda warm.”

Special thanks to Eyal A., who organized the event, mostly at his own expense, and to Hans VK, who hosted, fed and housed a lot of people (and who also built most of the trails obstacles). These guys were the heart and soul of Cal. Muni Weekend.

Hope to see some of you guys back here soon.

John L.

Huge thanks to all the organizers, but especially Eyal and Hans (who let a complete stranger stay at his house). I had a great time this past weekend. Meeting old friends and making new friends was incredible. Hope to see many of you again before next year’s MUni weekend.

A personal thanks to Nathan & Beau Hoover and Scot Cooper who convinced me a few months ago that it was time to attend the CA MUni weekend after a nine year absence.

Connie Cotter
USA Pres

Any chance of a direct link to those two?

Just want to add our huge thanks to everyone elses, our hats are off to the fantastic Santa Barbara Muni Club, Eyal, Hans, Matt, John L. and of course John Foss, and everyone else who put in the hard work to make everything run so smoothly. My family and I had a truly terrific time. I was especially impressed by the general atmosphere, everyone was very friendly and supportive of newbies like ourselves. You guys are a great bunch of people! We are all hoping that we can make it again next year.

Guy, Marie, Björn, Magnus and Olof Delight

P.S. Matt, you were right, my legs are sore!

I am so jealous. sucks to living on the other side of the continent. Maybe I’ll be rich enough next year to afford a flight down and meet all the awesome people I keep talking to online. I’ll have a muni then too! :smiley:

Again, jealousy runs rampant. heheheh. glad to hear it went well! :slight_smile:

Jess Hopping into the water.

Ben PS’s flying, rolling UPD.

That was an awesome muni weekend. I doubt I’m the only one feeling beatup, however I don’t feel particularly sore. That Saturday advanced trail kicked ass.

Thanks to all of you who made it awesome, especially Eyal for doing excellent organizing. The shoestore at the banquet was pretty awesome, however it seems Gilby wanted a bit more selection of sizes :-p.

Is this the first muni weekend where there was a clifside retrieval of a person? I hope Trey’s doing okay.

My kudos on top of all the others about the weekend! Truly fun, fun, fun. Thanks Eyal, Hans, John, Matt, Chris, and everyone who helped set this up and make it run so smoothly. Great job!

A few memorable moments:

  • How long was the shuttle ride up? Well, on Friday, the van made an unscheduled stop so someone (surprisingly, not me) could water a nearby bush.

  • Riding down San Ysidro and hearing “I’m ok down here, really!” from the “over the edge” bushes and not seeing anyone.

  • How long was the shuttle ride up? Special photo op on Sunday, immediately after the van stopped, before retrieving unis even…was the ring of folks beside bushes, several on top of ridges even (!), having a pre-ride moment of relief.

  • Hans setting a “tempo” pace hiking up the hill Saturday, which effectively split the “peloton” apart before the ride even began. Way to go Hans!

  • Realizing I probably now know more uni people from around the country/world than non-uni people.

Thanks again to all who helped organize and run this neat event!


Honorable moments cont…

Trey!!! Falling down the cliff with no major injurius YOU CANT TEACH THAT!
Trey again…For wanting to finish the trials comp after he cuts open his face…
Trey again… for finishing hte uni ride on sunday!!!
Ben PS…Only punk to do every single trials line!
Justin A. Like the only one to take the street, everyone else had fun with it…(I was gonna try, till my legs locked on me and i couldnt even fricken ride, did anyone notice what was wrong with me? my body like seized and the pain was so bad that I got disorientated and i dont even really remember my run that much :smiley: )
Evan…for doing the street comp on a bc, well done!
Id give more but im kinda bad at puttin names and faces together…sry guys if i left you out its nothin personal or I went too fast down the trails to see ya doin much…Sry but I split doin them me and the few I was with were like always some of the first done…damn I need a muni, that was hard on the 20in…

Ohh and Brian L. For havin some damned low psi. I mean DAMN your tire went flat on every lil hop…Did you need a pump or what?? I dont think il ever know why he was giving thumbs up to everyone in the banquet, I dont think even he knows…Next time we should do the comps before the muni rides… my legs were starting to lock in hte middle of the trials comp, teaches me to go as fast as i could down the saddle rock trail the same day as the comps…Well thanks a lot to everyone who put it together…Ohh and Eyal your directions werent bad, the reason some people had trouble finding some of the places was because some of the streets didnt have signs or were poorly marked, I recal you got a lot of calls and were worried about that…

I liked codys Mount to Upd in .3 seconds in the street comp, also codys level of insanly flying down the techy crap on that trail!

Bevan was right, that trail kicked my butt, im an so sore im falling down and into walls today.

It was an excellent muni weekend! Thanks to everyone who worked hard to put it on. The SB guys are all great and were genuinely intent on everyone having a fun and safe time on their trails.

During Friday’s ride I was thinking it would be forever known as the “Santa Brutal Muni Weekend”, but the next two days gave us varying terrain with both technical and fast cruising opportunities, not to mention additional flying-off-a-cliff opportunities. And, the Friday ride was one of those things that once you are through it, you are happy to have the memory of having done it. In fact, now that a few days have past I find myself wanting to go back and do it again…someday.

I had the pleasure of talking to Eyal’s parents and they are two of the nicest people you could meet. It is easy to see where Eyal got his friendly personality. And his Mom doesn’t worry about Eyal riding on those trails because he told her he knows what he can do and doesn’t attempt anything too dangerous. Yeah, I always told my Mom that too. :roll_eyes:

It was great to see many faces from previous muni weekends, and also meet many who were there for the first time. There is never enough time to talk to everyone as much as I would like. Feel free to email me at scott (at) to continue any of those unfinished conversations.

Scott Wallis

Another great time at the CA Muni weekend. Since I missed 1996 and 2001 I guess this was my 8th. Huge thanks to Eyal, Hans, John and all the other many volunteers who put on this amazing 3-day party. Whatever happens to unicycling in the future, we can be very thankful now to be part of such a community. I’m wishing Moab wasn’t so long off!

The ride Friday was really hot for the first half and quite technical. It was the most fun I’ve had doing Muni in a LONG time! The skill level of everyone sure has gone up in the last few years. It was great to have two options for the Saturday ride as Saddle Rock is only for a few elite (crazy) riders. It was fun to watch but I didn’t have a desire to ride quite a bit of it. Sunday’s ride was perfect: short enough so there was lots of time to hang out afterwards, technical enough to be a challenge, and a great bonus swimming hole halfway through.

It’s always hard to pull off big group dinners but both nights were really fun. When I saw how much swag there was Saturday I put away the items I brought to donate. Come to Moab to win a CF seat base and other stuff!

I was a little sore yesterday and even had to write Beau a note to get out of running in PE. But I feel great today. Everytime I got to one of these I’d really like to just shoot photos but I can’t as I just have to ride. Megumi and I got a few ok photos. Here’s an album with some, including 2 video clips (not as good as Catboy’s clip of Jess riding into the swimming hole though): Smugmug photo gallery.


What a fantastic weekend! Big big big thanks to Eyal, John, Hans, Matt, Chris and everyone else. Everything was so smooth!

I definitely regret not doing the ride on Saturday morning… but my bed was so comfy and Brian swore he was too sore to ride.

I took 0 photos, but my roommate Kyle snapped some at the trials comp. Here are his:



p.s. The Simple shoes I got are amazing! Has a unicycilng event ever had this much shwag?