Cal Muni Weekend - Timing?

I know it’s early in the season, but does anyone have any idea when Cal Muni Weekend might be this year? I’m trying to plan some travel late summer/early fall, and want to avoid conflicting with CMW. I know it’s usually in mid/late September…is that still the case for this year? Santa Barbara sounds so enticing, I don’t want to miss it. Thanks for any info.


The plan is for October this year, but I don’t know the exact weekend. I hope to find this out very soon from organizers Eyal and Hans.

I rode with Eyal today and he mentioned a meeting he had this last week with Horney Toad, one of the sponsors of Cal. Muni. Everything is shaping up nicely, including some remarkable natural trials props (trees, stumps, etc.) Hans is collecting (for the trials demo/comp), and a shuttle van system to schlep riders the 45 minutes to top of the mountain–for those aspiring the long, technical rides for which Santa Barbara is known.

I don’t yet know the exact date in Oct. but I’ll give Eyal a call and suggest he posts an update


Last I heard it was October 14 - 16. But Eyal will confirm.

It was supposed to be a dry weekend according to the weather records. Hadn’t rained in the last umpteen years,… except it rained this most recent October 15th. :astonished:

Glad to hear about the natural trials stuff.

It will be the best one ever!!:smiley:

where is it gon be?


i think its being held in Santa Barbara or somwhere close to there.

there are few places on earth worse than Southern California, i wont be there.

THats sweet, thats a half an hour drive for me! WOOT!

That’s a bit harsh innit?

I live in southern california and its quite nice!

I’ll be there, whichever weekend it happens to be! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone (again)… even Evan. :slight_smile:

i dono if il go, id like to meet the gang but im not into muni so…

Orgainzers are in the process of finalizing a website for Cal. Muni Weekend, Santa Barbara. Should be up and running this week or next, and have all the vital info, with frequent updates as things round into final shape. The event’s still 5 months out so the boys are totally “on it.”

BTW, Santa Barbara is not really “Southern California” in the way most know and picture it. I drive up there (basically 90 miles from LA) every weekend to flee So Cal. Many of the countless single tracks start at the top of a mountain and plunge 3,000+ feet over 5 or 6 miles as the tracks wends through stunning terrain overlooking the ocean a few miles distant. Above and beyond the great riding (of all degrees of difficulty) and great folk, the place is flat out gorgeous.



Where you at? I want to add you to my Los Angeles Unicycle Gathering list. How far from the San Fernando Valley are you?

Will we be going to any wine tastings? Riding though any vineyards?

Please see this thread.