Cal Muni Weekend--Thursday ride

Organizers cannot stage a Thursday ride, but many folks are arriving on Thursday, want to throw down a warm up ride that afternoon, and have asked for a recommended trail, and directions to same. So here you go. Again, this is not an official Cal. Muni Ride, but one you can do in a few hours. Start the hike (it’s an “up-and-back” ride) by 3:30 and you’ll have plenty of time. You’ll have to organize yourself on this one, or simply go there and hook on with whoever shows up. It’s an easy trail to find.

Trail name: Buena Vista (approach from the 101 Freeway)

Exit Fwy at San Ysidro Rd.
Turn toward mountains (go 1 mile)
Right onto East Valley Road–Hwy. 192 (go 0.9 miles)
Left onto Park Lane (go 0.3 miles)
Right at fork (go 0.6 miles)

Buena Vista trail sign marked on lefthand side (small turnout), across from 932 Park Ln.

Hike up (approx. half mile) over rocks, tiered ledge drops and a few stream crossings. Bear right onto steep switchbacks which go approx. another half mile to clearing on fire road near electrical towers. Ride down the way you hiked up. Short but good intro to Santa Barbara Muniing.

Have fun.


i so wish i could make it, but i have to do the work thing on thursday. i’m leaving thursday evening. i can’t wait to see everyone! i won’t forget to pack the purple panties.