Cal Muni Weekend Pictures + Suspension Uni

Howdy all,
A couple of pictures that I took from Cal Muni Weekend 2008, San Diego:

Be sure to check out the last picture; a custom suspension unicycle with a disk brake!!


I think I already posted this link but here are a bunch of my photos:

There are 3 of that suspension uni. It was fun to ride. Here’s a suicide mount:



Nice pics… Looks totally fun.

Cmw 2008

Hey Nathan,
I Just noticed that you’re suicide mounting my suspension Muni, And stuck it too! Great event pictures.

Glad you liked the photos. I shot that one, but it’s not me suiciding - forget the guy’s name…


That tandem unicycle was so awesome!

Yeah, seriously! I’m dying to make one now!

awesome! any videos on the suspension and tandem unis?

I didn’t get any videos of those cycles, but I did finally upload my MUni Weekend pictures, yaay! Lots to look at in there:

Saturday Start
Sunday Start
Jimbo at the end of Sunday’s (full) ride
Cody showing where T-shirts with tire tracks up the back come from
A great Trials shot of Cody