Cal - Muni Weekend Form -- UPDATED! Please read. (Santa Cruz, CA - 07)

Hi All,
We updated the Cal Muni Weekend '07 Form for Santa Cruz. It is here:

and direct download:

If you haven’t sent it in yet, please print out the above version and use it.

IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 – you will need to get the form signed by your parent AND GUARDIAN before the event. Otherwise, you will not be able to participate in the trials event.

If you have sent in the old one, that is okay! Sign the new one (the release waiver) and bring it with you (again, required if you are under 18). I’ll also have copies at the event in case you forget (or don’t see this message).

thanks all!


Did you need any additional info from the earlier rev of the form, or is more of a cosmetic change?

Also, do we need to bring extra $ for getting into and parking in various state parks?


Hi Aaron,

I don’t need any additional info; I just need people to sign the last two pages (the new waiver) and bring it with them. We graciously had Jim (spincycle) donate some time and go over the waiver with us. I’m much happier with the result, in particular since the trials event will be held at my house.

For extra $ – you may need to pay for parking at one spot (Fri, Wilder), but there is free parking if you get there earlier. All other places have free parking and no cost to get in. Be sure to bring lunch on Saturday; there may be no places to stop for lunch in between events.


Corbin, please remove the face magnets from the trials course before the competition. :wink:

Hehe…my nose has healed quite well so far :slight_smile: