Caged Pedals + 5.10's = bruised tailbone

So today I managed to have a UPD during a mount, so what does that make it? Maybe a super unplanned dismount, or maybe since I really never mounted it should just be an unplanned dis.

My darn five tennies wouldn’t let go of my pedal. I’ve been using caged pedals lately on my 36’er and they have been great. I normally have been using them with Vans, but today I decided to use my 5.10’s. They are almost too grippy with these pedals.

I like the lighter weight of the caged pedals, and now I think I’m going to stick to approach or skate shoes for riding with them. I was considering getting some double caged trials pedals for my MUni, but for now I think the trailmixes are good for a few more miles.

I’ve got a pair of 5.10’s showing up this week. I tried some on a while back, loved them, but was too cheap to get them at the time. REI 20% off + dividend got my out-of-pocket cost down to where I couldn’t resist.

I’ve currently got twisted pc’s on my Coker, and trailmixes on the 29er. Sounds a bit less grippy than your caged pedals, so I’m hoping not to kill myself. . . .

When it comes to unicycles and shoes, you can never have too much grip.

But great grip may take some getting used to…