cage pedal grabs...?

Hi everbody. I’ve been thinking about getting some new pedals at the end of this July. I’m trying to decide what pedals to get. I want medal pedals. I’ve been looking into Echo platforms, DMRs and Wellgos. I was just wondering though,
What are the advantages and disadvantages to cage pedals to platforms?
Are cages better or harder to pedal grab with?


Pedal grabs will bend caged pedals.

If you fall with cages, you better know how to get out of them quick…

you’ll trash the cages completely. They’re intended use is for UCI-style biketrials riding. In normal words: no metal-to-object contact.

Echo TR/SL platforms are the best value right now, and performance too, and they’re CNC machined in their own factory. Forget Impact, 24 Butterfly, Wellgo, etc… those are all rebranded from a very standard taiwan factory with poor bearings.

Cages are light, which is really there only advantage. Echo has some cage pedals that are extremely lightweight. If you ride without pedal/crank grabs and grinds, they will last. I prefer platforms.

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Platform pedals with full pins grip better on your shoes than caged too.

I had gusset caged pedals for a while. I thought it was a good idea. My shins disagree, so did my pads (rips them right up) and the pedals didn’t last long at all.

I would go with platforms, they last way longer and i personally like the feel of them on my feet.