Caffeine and Unicycling

I dont find caffeine does anything to me…Tyler wait till your a bit older ‘caffeinated beverages’ will seem very mild/lame and have little or no effect on you…

Re: Caffeine and Unicycling

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 14:47:24 -0600, “MattPH” wrote:

>I recently gave up caffeine for two months as I read that this is the
>amount of time it takes to start feeling better, can’t say I felt
>wonderful but possibly now have a bit more energy through the day at
>work so now I only drink coffee now and again, it is though good no
>longer being addicted to the stuff and not having to drink it all the
>time, I find the stuff has more effect though now and is great for when
>I do need a boost or need to stay awake, as for unicycling, I can’t say
>that I’m any better or worse after drinking coffee.

Ditto here, only I stopped already 15 years ago or so. For the
occasional turbo boost, I drink coffee. Haven’t tried it for
unicycling but I presume it would help in that department too.

Like with almost any other subject, this has been discussed before on
rsu. Search “cafeine” or “caffeine”.

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Re: Caffeine and Unicycling

“tylercox” <> writes:

> I was recently wondering - whenever I have some caffeinated beverage
> such as a large coke, a Mt. Dew, coffee, or Monster, I get sorta wobbly
> and gittery on the unicycle and I feel like I do everything so fast and
> gittery the tricks always fail. When I don’t have any caffeine or very
> little I feel really relaxed and the unicycle tricks are controlled and
> usually pull through. Any thoughts on this?

Generally caffeine boosts sports performance, but causes jitters. I
get very jittery with coffee, less so with tea, but I’m not convinced
that the jitters actually reduce my ability to balance. Also, people
develop tolerance to the jitters but still see benefits, for example,
when compensating for lack of sleep. The downside is dependence.
Withdrawl symptoms include headaches and difficulty concentrating.
Caffeine is banned in olympic events (at least according to

While you’re worried about the caffeine, I’m more concerned with all
the high fructose junk in those large soft drinks. It is almost
ironic that they don’t have to call this stuff artificial since few,
if any, natural foods contain fructose in such concentration, and your
body isn’t equipped to handle that type of sugar efficiently. Still
I’ll admit the sweeteners actually labeled “artificial” are even
worse. Either way, those drinks are all correlated with obesity and
the issues related to it.


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Tyler: Ken has a lot of things you should seriously consider. first of all, caffeine IS a drug which you DO NOT NEED. You are much too young. You can see that many people who wrote in are addicted, which is not a serious problem like with other drugs, but it is an unnecessary inconvenience. Don’t take caffeine.

When you get older, I recommend you use it only occasionally, when you need it. If you need it everyday, stop relying on it and get more sleep.

I’m at work 5 days / week at 7:30 am. On 2 of those days I leave work at 4 and do more work until 9:30 pm. On those 2 nights, I use coffee to stay alert. Glad you posted this question. as you can see, many people have something to say about this.


it’s true. How Many Cans of Mountain Dew Would it Take To Kill YOU??
it would take 186.1363635 12 oz. cans of Mountain Dew ingested in one sitting to kill me.

It would take me 198.54545439999998. I’ve never drank that much but i have done a 24 pack in just under 2 1/2 days.
also ive done a 2 liter in 35 minutes. but that was a while a go. I have been trying to not drink any mountain dew because I was extremely addicted to it. Now that I don’t drink it I have more energy and am able to stay awake better.


PS. I can also drink a can in just under 5 seconds. :slight_smile:

haha thats cool my record is a 2 liter 29 mintues but my can is somthing like 8 seconds or somthing like that.


well, [b]I[/b] can drink a full nalgene bottle (over 1 liter when completely full) in 14.8 seconds. and my friend did it in 10 !