Caffeine and Unicycling

I was recently wondering - whenever I have some caffeinated beverage such as a large coke, a Mt. Dew, coffee, or Monster, I get sorta wobbly and gittery on the unicycle and I feel like I do everything so fast and gittery the tricks always fail. When I don’t have any caffeine or very little I feel really relaxed and the unicycle tricks are controlled and usually pull through. Any thoughts on this?

-Tyler :slight_smile:

Don’t drink so much caffeine? :roll_eyes:

Re: Caffeine and Unicycling

Tyler- That is a good observation. It shows that you are better off without the caffein. Caffein is a stimulant drug. Your body functions better without stuff like this. You will probably find that you sleep better if you don’t drink caffeinated beverages. I enjoy an occasional morning cup of coffee but not more than one per day and I have just about given up Coke, Pepsi, Mt. Dew, etc.

Who knows about unicycling and stimulants. You might learn well with the mad concentration booster - adderall. :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

tyler the amount of posting you do i think you need to go burn energy somother way(such as the sport of unicycling)this is not suppost to be an attack but a good Idea you should try

When i drink caffine,Im just the same as if i didnt.


i dont drink anythink but water and milk, but i dont think itll make a huge difference if u have a caffeine drink and unicycle.

I recently gave up caffeine for two months as I read that this is the amount of time it takes to start feeling better, can’t say I felt wonderful but possibly now have a bit more energy through the day at work so now I only drink coffee now and again, it is though good no longer being addicted to the stuff and not having to drink it all the time, I find the stuff has more effect though now and is great for when I do need a boost or need to stay awake, as for unicycling, I can’t say that I’m any better or worse after drinking coffee.

Re: Caffeine and Unicycling

No. No thoughts whatsoever.

i don’t notice any differnce. then again i drink quite a bit of cola each day. tyler, you just gotta keep drinking lots of caffeine, you’ll develop a tolerance and you’ll get a slightly lift from it without the jitteriness.

That was one huge great long sentence, I was running out of breath and getting quite panicky by the end. Is that what too much caffeine is like? :slight_smile:


I love Mountain Dew.

I can’t ride worth sh*t unless I do a line of coke first.

I wouldn’t know anything about that. But riding while extremely high on marijuana is interesting.

Or so I’m told. :wink:

As soon as i saw this i opened it and scrowled down realy fast as not to see the orginal starter of the thread, but i am positive that it is Tyler… lets check

OHHH!! im good. Anywho i see no difference if you were to inject caffeine strait into my veins, yet im hopelessy addicted to caffeine…


I hate all types of caffeine, 'tis nasty stuff. does funky things to you, like dehydrates you, even when you do drink 5+ liters of water per day like me. nasty stuff.

I hate pot- makes me feel like shit

or so im told…

You also got to consider body weight.A higher dose will effect a smaller person more than a bigger one unless of course, you’ve built up a tolerance for it…whether it be coke or Coke(Registered TM of the …)

At least save it for the trail, unlike my classmates, who choose to do it on fieldtrips.