Cadbury video

Thought this deserved an airing - a take off of the cadbury truck video on unicycles. Enjoy!

not bad but the origional is better. it really is great!

Welcome to the forum Martin! Thats a cool video, i like the scenery, and unicycles will always be superior to trucks! Looks like you guys had fun making it too :slight_smile:

What a tedious pile of poo. The unicycle version at least included unicycles.

For a so-so video with really nothing at all impressive in it, (no offense) I’m bewildered as to how it could get nearly 500 views in less than one day! Unless the poster either has a lot of friends, or keeps hitting the refresh button lol! :roll_eyes:

Agreed, and still it has more than 6,000 views in less than a month! That’s re-freaking-diculous! :roll_eyes:

I swear, I’d never seen that video when I came up with the song for my video :astonished: