Cabon Fiber and Threaded Inserts?

Does anyone have any experience using threaded inserts instead of carriage bolts in their carbon fiber seat base?

Id like to be able to only have to bring my Allen set tool with me on rides. Threaded inserts would get rid of the need for a socket wrench. I just dont know which type to look for to have best results.

Any link or advice?

I wish I did that…

you could try a rivnut, but you’ll need the setting tool for them and they’re no so cheap. it’s essentialy a threaded tube that is deformed in to place like a pop rivet.

I bought my S wallis seatbase with threaded inserts three years ago.
It is still going strong. Never had a problem with those little allen bolts:) .

How often have you had seat bolts come loose whilst riding? If I’ve swapped a seat over, I’ll check the bolts a week later, but have nevr had one come loose yet.

even with one loose, it’s not going to stop you riding.


It happens every now and then, almost always while I am close to home. Although I have had to buy a tool on the road before. This is not my number one concern tho.

The Main reason that I want to set up my seat base this way has more to do with wanting simplicity. I am going to be setting up a brand new CF base and would rather have allen(hex) bolts than acorn nuts.

All I need for my uni right now is a spoke wrench, allen set, pedal wrench, and socket wrench. If I set up the CF with inserts I can use the allen set for the seat eliminating the need for the socket wrench. I could even get some pedals that allow for an allen key to be used. I like the idea of only needing the allen set to take apart/put together/and tighten everything.

Also a whole set of inserts and allen bolts is lighter than whole set of carriage bolts, washers, acorn nuts.

Done properly a CF base with inserts should be easier to take apart out together without having parts shifting and spinning around.

I could just use some ideas of what kind of threaded inserts to look for. Which kind will hold the best in CF and wether I should be gluing or what.

I suppose these are my options.

tee nuts look like the best option because they are the thinnest and will fit the thin carbon fiber base the best.

What about some of these;

They’re 19" rack mount cage nuts.

If they can support 'king big servers, then I’m sure they’ll keep the bumpers on your seat :slight_smile:

If you know anyone that works in IT, ask if they’ve got any spare ones lying around. Almost every rack and bit of equipment is sent out with more than is needed, so they should do. Or else, for the cost of postage, I can send you a bunch over.


I’m not sure how those cage nuts work.

I think I will give some sort of tee nut a try. I will post some pictures and results when It happens.

How about keeping the coach bolts and just using nuts that need an allen key? They are used on bikes a lot. Like there:

Thanks, I didnt know something like that existed. I will surely be looking into those for my already built CF setup.