Cable guides for disc brakes (warning, stupid question)

Hey, really quick:

I noticed on my Oracle frame that the cable guides for running your disc line down the frame leg have little rubber loops on them. These should pop off correct? Is there a trick to doing it? I pulled on them a bit, but haven’t looked really close yet. Once/if they come off, can you reuse them?


They are probably plastic clips. Normally they are shaped like a horse shoe, with a couple of barbs that hold the guide. I usually just pull it out on one side with pliers. Yes they are reusable.

Okay, cool. I was able to pull one out by sticking a nail I had laying around through the loop and twisting it. They’re kind of a pain to get out.

I’ll be pulling them off of my next frame to polish it, but I’d like to reuse them (obviously) which is why I asked. Thanks for baring with me!