Cable Cam

Rigged a cable cam. Here is my first whack at it.

I already want more “cable” (rope). 100’ is a start, but more would be better.
I need to remember a second piece of cord to use as a release. I built the trolley with eyes for such a thing, then didn’t take the cord to use… I improvised with sticks.
The fisheye of the gopro makes things look pretty flat. Paying more attention to the light/time of day will help show terrain better as well.
Input is welcome.

Awesome job…Will be sweet when you can go long on the cable.

Nice job :slight_smile:
You used slo-mo in parts right? I think it’d be better w/o on this terrain.

That’s pretty cool. It’s funny to see you speed up to stay in the camera shot…

Thanks for the input

A longer cable would/will be sweet.

Staying in the frame takes some change in speeds. It would be helpful to have someone else release the camera. A nudge in the beginning… then have to watch the speed at the end. The slopes I rigged the rope at meant that the camera didn’t move too fast, but on a steeper rig some speed control will be necessary.

Slow motion would look better over some more interesting terrain. The harsh sunlight blew out the rocks and ruts that I thought would look more interesting. I was also checking on how the gopro did at 48fps when it’s slowed down. I have a better spot in mind for a future video.