Cabin #2 at CMW--Who else is staying there?

Just wondering who else will be staying in Cabin #2, courtesy of John Foss’s tireless work toward better living through mountain unicycling …

I’ll be arriving, with my 15 year old son Drew and my riding buddy Gary, later in the evening on Thursday (probably no later than 9).

Why is he asking all of you and not me?

Because you need sheets for Cabin 2, I fear everyone will show up without them and want to stay in Cabin 1, which I think is smaller. So maybe I need to make sure people know who’s where…

Cabin 2 will have Nathan, Beau and Grace in one room, Peter Kittle and his son and Gary in another, and Scott Wallis and Phil Veale in the third. Plus the plan is for floor-sleepers Leonard Ponce, Robert Allen and Kris Holm to be there as well. Also possibly Scott Arnold.

This is not final, and people may end up switching around once we’re all in town. Dibs will go to people who registered earlier, and people who made requests earlier.

why are you asking all of us and not him?

Cabin 2 is the place to be. I’ll have a DVD player and a number of interesting new DVDs… will be awesome! Don’t forget to bring beer!


Lloyd’s house is THE PLACE to be!!!


Two reasons: first, I didn’t want to bug you, John. I figure you’ve probably got a pretty full plate this week already. Second, I didn’t know if it would be altogether politic to ask you, but figured it’d be okay if people just volunteered the info!

Sounds like we’re going to have a great group!

Wherever you are is the place to be!

Thats where I am sorta planning on staying. I have a spot but at the moment I am still not sure how I am getting up there…:o