Caballero Canyon Revisited

Josh and I rode this trecherous steep dirt foot path two years ago but got hosed on several long stretches of sand and shale. I figured after two years the trail had gotten easier but we (Terry and I) got hosed again.

No man alive is riding that entire trail.

Pics to follow.


Whoa! That was a hellava ride; what little we could actually do lol! And the parallel trail we hiked back up actually turned out to be much better, or at least rideable. Still fun! We didn’t take many pics since we weren’t able to ride a lot of it, but here’s a few.:smiley:

If you look close you can see the trail we tried to ride down! Much of it was no more than 12" wide! :astonished:

Bump for John, other SB muni members et al. :smiley:

PS: Sorry, the pics take a while to load, at least for me lol. :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Is that the trail that is on the way up Reseda, just past the Braimar Country Club in the SF Valley? Correct me if I am wrong, isn’t there a wussie trail that parallels the creek up to dirt Mulholland and the trail you guys posted pix from is the trail goes perpendicular to Reseda straight up the mountain? or am I confused.

I don’t intend on attempting to ride it, I was just curious, because I muniied the wussie trail years ago and some MTBer had said there was a trail perpendicular to the road. I haven’t been back there in years. I am thinking that’s the one you guys “rode” today.:wink:

No, this trail is very close to the (uppermost) drop in point to Sullivan canyon. We parked at the end of Mulholland drive in a dirt parking area, then rode up about a mile or so up the fireroad, toward the Sullivan drop in, which is on the left side. The trail we did drops in on the right side, which is about 1/2 mile past the sullivan drop in.