CA MUni Weekend update: T-shirts

Greetings MUni-ers,

I’ve posted the artwork of our MUni Weekend T-shirt to the web page. You
can see it at

It can also be reached from the main MUni Weekend information page, and from the
Registration Forms page, by clicking on the mentions of shirts. The shirt and
ink colors are as shown (maroon on gold). The illustration is by professional
animator and cartoonist Mike Kazaleh. Mike is known in the unicycling world as
the artist who drew the famous logo for the Unicycle Factory.

If you would like a shirt but aren’t able to make the MUni Weekend, we will
probably have some left over. They will go on a first-come first served basis,
so reserve one if you’re interested. NOTE: the size range has been increased
from Large and Large to Large, Large and Extra Large.

For those of you who are web surfers, see if you can find, in the MUni area of
my site, the pictures of the car that was washed down the American River, and
the Uphill Racecourse under a foot of silt!

ALSO: you no longer have to type the full, tedious path to my index.htm page.
Just type the URL as seen below, for any of the directories in my web site to
get to the main page for that area. The directories are:

<bigger>John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone</bigger>

<bigger>“Unicycles R Us”