CA MUni Weekend TV SEGMENT!!!

i don’t know about that… that thing was scarey as all get out. I had no place to sit.

Scott, you got a “dramatic” role in the clip, although one I’m sure you wish you weren’t playing. I had no drama, but I did get a close-up from Mr. DeMille. Right near the start there’s a quick cut of someone pedeling a Hunter…all you see is feet, shin guards, and frame for about one revolution. My family was not overly impressed with my brief stardom, but at least they recognized my shin guards so I didn’t have to deal with accusations of not having been there at all.

I am signing up for your role next time. Yours was kind of like John Childs’ “that’s my leg in the Sacramento Bee article”.
Congrats, I am sure your opportunities will really open up now.


and please dont for a moment think that i was trying to accuse them of being any less stupid than i think they are

your comparisons to skateboarding touches on a point that was made a couple of times in the thread i linked to in my previous post
skateboarding is easy to do badly
u can buy the board and the clothes and gain ‘membership’ of a social group without neccesarily being able to perform any major tricks

this is impossible with uni’ing
we all know that just being able to ride a unicycle takes a serious amount of commitment and practise

people just looking to ‘hang with the kewl crowd’ are not willing to put in this kind of ‘work’
they just want to buy the gear and look kewl

this ‘easy to do badly’ is IMHO the main differentiating factor between crazes (like scooters) and sports (like unicycling)

Methinks you are relatively new to unicycling, and to life on Earth for that matter. Know then, that most people don’t start unicycling, because they not only believe it’s too hard, but they believe they could never do it. This is a fact, for which I have absolutely no statistics to back it up. Just year after year of casual observance of people who don’t unicycle.

This just makes it all the more fun for those of us who decide we want to do it, and figure out that if a bunch of other idiot savants can ride them, why can’t we? I had to tell myself this many times over when I was learning. If my neighbor can ride one, and he’s no special athlete, there’s no reason I can’t either. Stupid Troxel piece of junk!

Skateboards, by comparison, are easy. Don’t believe us, try it yourself. Offer a skateboard and a unicycle to a group of 10 people. See who can go 10 feet first, on which vehicle. My guess is you will get about 99% of them doing it on the skateboard. You may fall into the 1% yourself.

Why Detroit? That’s where I was born. What’s “Q-town,” anyway? This is not obvious to us out-of-staters. Kind of like saying you go to school at U of M…

Alright. Once again Dr. Foss, your unfloppable authority and unarguable somethings have swayed me… i give in. You are all right and i suck.

I won’t budge on that afraid to ride it stuff. I know plenty of people who would like to learn after they see me ride. You have to admit. Some of us make this look easy. It just takes a certain type of person. The same people would be afraid to learn to to a backflip or… i dunno… skydive. I’m sure i could go to the local statepark with a truck full of unicycles. i could get at least half of those kids to ride. I love skater punks… i really do. I wish i was one of them. I just can’t skateboard.

As for the detroit thing… that’s just how i am. :sunglasses:

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